How to Wear Neon Color - Combination style guide

by Shopify API on Feb 14, 2021

how to wear neon colors

Neon colors are all the rage these days with bright fluorescent hues making an eye-catching statement piece. Choosing these vivid acid colors can make you stand out in the crowd. If you have only admired neon colors from a distance without giving it a try, it is highly recommended that you experiment with it.

Many of us shy away from wearing neons as we fear that we may look right out of a bar crawl. However, that is not true; you can have a subtle approach to neon colors without looking like a human glow stick.

With neon colors, you can make subtle accents without making these colors dominant. Pair up your neon outfits with something minimal to create that perfect balance to make you look fabulous and runway ready.

We have curated this guide to help you rock neon with flair and panache. If you are excited, keep scrolling down to know how to wear neon colors and for the best neon-inspired outfit ideas.

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Neon Color Combination Guide

#1-- Neon Skirt with a basic tee

With a neon skirt, you can create a super easy, stylish and classy look. This is a great outfit option both for those who want to experiment with neon and for those who are already in love with it. If you are somebody who wants to add a neon piece to your wardrobe without making a risky move, you may want to give a neon skirt a try for sure. By just adding one bold neon color to your outfit, you can make a lasting impression.

neon color dress

I fell in love with this neon skirt that you can get in two vibrant shades - pink and green. The high-waisted skirt with a side slit looks great when paired with simple tops and tees. You can also try pairing it up with a cropped denim jacket to create a subtle yet fabulous look.

You can get the skirt here.

ways to wear neon color

I love this cropped basic white top. It looks amazing when paired with the neon skirt. Pair it up with platform sandals and you are good to go. You can get this white long-sleeved tee here.

neon color pairing

If you need something more lively, you can pair up your neon skirt with this printed white tee. Wear sneakers for a casual yet chic look. You can get the printed tee here.

#2-- Neon Green Fishnet Cropped Hoodie with Black bralette and cargo pants

neon color clothing

Neon green color is a very vibrant color and there are a number of ways to create an outfit out of it. You can definitely rock your look with this fishnet cropped hoodie. It is a great outfit idea if you are a social media influencer and want to inspire people and make a style statement at the same time. You can get the neon fishnet cropped hoodie here.

how to wear neon color

Comfortable and sporty vibes are what keeps us together on lazy days. To create a fantastic outfit with the neon green fishnet hoodie, you can pair it up with this comfortable bralette. It is a great option for those days when you are too lazy to choose from various options. This is one of those trendy looks that catches everybody’s attention. You can get the black bralette here.

ways to wear neon color

Pair it up with black cargo pants to make it a killer and a very chilled out classy look. You can also add combat boots for a style statement that speaks for itself. You can get the cargo pants here.

#3-- Neon yellow skirt with a pink top

neon color combination

Bright neon colors highlight your personality in a true sense when worn with correct color combinations. I love neon yellow as it pops out really well when paired with a contrasting color. You can get the neon yellow skirt here.

what color goes with neon pink

Neon yellow can be combined with many other options but I love pairing it up with a pink top. It really brings out the beauty of the outfit and makes sure you leave an impression. You can bring down the tone by adding neutral accessories, such as a simple watch or earrings. If you would like to play subtle, you can pair it up with a black or white cropped top. You can get the pink top here.

#4-- Neon Pink Dress

neon pink dress

This flashy neon pink-colored dress, when mixed with some awesome accessories and contrasting colors, will make you stand out of the crowd. To create an outstanding look, pair this neon pink dress with black stilettos. If you want some fun, you can also go for bright yellow stilettos; it will bring out the fun vibes and be the perfect outfit for a party. To tone it down, you can add a leather jacket and a fun choker. You can get this pink dress here.

#5-- Neon top with leopard print skirt

what color goes with neon green

We all love dressing up and trying new outfits. In the case of neon colors, it can get quite tricky to choose the perfect combination. However, with this beautiful neon top, you can rock almost any look. Whether you want a casual vibe, chic look, or a very sporty look - you can achieve it all with this versatile neon top with a front buckle. You can get the neon top here.

neon color style

I love animal prints so much! Animal print is that fashion style that never goes out of trend. For a very subtle and elegant look, you can pair this green neon top with this leopard print skirt. Create a stylish look by adding statement heels to the outfit.

For more of an autumn look, add on your black leather jacket and black boots. You can get the leopard print skirt here.

combinations for neon color

You can also pair this neon top with these wide-legged pants for a relaxed and comfortable look. Do not forget sneakers to complete the look. You can get the pants here.

#6-- Two-piece tracksuit

how to wear neon color shoes

There are days when we want to do away with combining pieces to create an outfit. This tracksuit is the perfect option for those days. Also, it keeps you easy and breezy with its comfortable and chill vibes. And the neon shades will make you look extra sassy. You can get this tracksuit here.

neon green jacket

Here is yet another comfortable tracksuit that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe. You can get this tracksuit here.

neon green color combination

Looking for more options? You will definitely love this vibrant shade. I am in love with the cropped hoodie that is perfect for hitting the gym. This is also a great outfit for going out with your girlfriends. Just add a backpack to complete the chilled-out look. You can get this tracksuit here.

#7-- Neon Maxi Dress

are neon colors in style

This is a very cute dress that you definitely need in your wardrobe. A maxi dress is a super-elegant item that can add an oomph to your style game. If you want to look extremely chic while also being relaxed, this is the one for you. The vibrant color enhances your beauty and brings out the best in you.

For a chic look, pair this dress up with strappy heels. Or, if you want a casual outfit, style this neon yellow maxi dress with a loose denim jacket and white casual sneakers. You can get this maxi dress here.

#8-- Short Neon Jacket with Statement Pants

neon color dress

A super easy to wear, fun and very comfortable short neon jacket when paired with statement pants is a look we kill for! I love the whole vibe of this jacket. The buckles in the front add a very sporty and rugged look, while also looking chic and gorgeous. You can get the short neon jacket here.

We love pairing this jacket with snakeskin print leggings. This look is great for your casual outings and brunches with girlfriends. You can get the snakeskin pants here.

jeans with neon color top

If you want something more fun and subtle, you can pair the jacket with bell-bottoms like this one. You can add pointed boots or stilettos, as per the look you are going for. Chunky sneakers also look great for a relaxed look.You can get the bell bottoms here.

#9-- Neon Swimsuit

Are you planning a pool party? If yes, then a neon-colored swimsuit is an excellent option for you to try. Bikinis are fun! Neon colors make your body look more tanned and it just enhances the beauty, making you look more attractive than you already are.

neon color swim suit

This is a must-have swimsuit, which is comfortable, sassy and trendy for your beach wear. I especially love the belt detail. It just makes the swim wear look more chic and elegant. You can get this swimsuit here.

Here is yet another neon green swimsuit that we are crushing on. You can get this swimsuit here.

Flaunt that perfect summer body in this beautiful neon pink bikini. Style it with a basic statement jewellery to create a bomb look that will get tons of compliments. You can get this swimsuit here.

#10-- Neon bags for a statement

One other way to include neon in your wardrobe is by adding neon colored bags. This is a great way to get started with neon if you do not want to experiment with clothes first. A neon bag can create a statement look and make you subtle outfits popping. It also adds an oomph factor and will make you comfortable with neon.

neon color style bag

This neon yellow transparent sling bag will pop against your dress while also giving you a subtle look. It is a trendy bag that looks fabulous against the classic black and white outfits. If you are wearing a neon pink outfit, add this bag for a popping and contrasting look. You can get this bag here.

combination for neon color style

I am in love with this neon bag. It is the perfect statement piece that adds a great touch to your outfit. You can get this bag here.

Neon Combination - the new favorite!

We hope you found the inspiration you were looking for to rock the neon outfits with panache. You can follow these ideas to make neon work perfectly.


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