10 Chinese Makeup Brands on AliExpress 2024 we found worthy

by Jon Ng on Jun 21, 2024

10 Chinese Makeup Brands on AliExpress 2024 we found worthy

There is a wide range of affordable Chinese makeup brands on AliExpress. However, not all of them are of top-notch quality and often one might come across inferior quality which may frustrate you.

Choosing good makeups are really important. So if you want to look even more beautiful but you are unsure about buying makeup from China, here are some of the top brands that you can take reference to when buying Chinese makeup.

Chinese makeup are undeniably affordable, but not everyone of them has inferior quality. This article will guide you through the stores that offer decent quality makeup according to your skin needs, without breaking your bank!

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Chinese Brand Makeups Dupes on Aliexpress

best aliexpress chinese makeup stores

Fake Nyx Butter Lipstick: Available for less than $2 on Aliexpress this one cannot be easily differentiated from the original. However, some customers don’t like the feel of it so its better to stay away from this one.

Fake Max Factor eyeliner: This is one of the best fake brands you’ll find on Aliexpress. Max Factor is one of the most expensive makeup brands which has been around for over a century. The duplicate Max Factor is never going to leave you disappointed.

However, it is hard find duplicates of brands like Lancome or Mac. You can try your luck however reading our article on - Mac Replica

If you don’t like the idea of using fake branded makeup products then its always better to ditch them in favou

Top Chinese Makeup Brands on AliExpress

In this article we are going to review some of the coolest Chinese makeup brands you will find on AliExpress.

#1 - Zoreya

top Chinese makeup brands

Top Selling Products are their brushes. One set of brushes costing less than 15usd is a big steal. What makes this store no1 under our listing is their feedback score. It is tough to have a 99% overall score.

You can also get some affordable yet high-quality make up sponges for professional or daily use.

Kindly looking at some of the reviews by their buyers.

  • Nice, soft and look luxurious! Recommended!
  • It’s of good quality. As stated in other buyers’ reviews, there’s a strong smell. Hopefully, it will air out.
  • Hi,i am happy with my brushes, the bristles are nice and soft just how I imagined it to be. For the amount I paid, i am very satisfied.

99.3% feedback score

#2 - Lagee

Chinese makeup brands on AliExpress

The store is famous for their eyelash extension. Used safe, soft and light material which feels like human natural hair. Let us look into some of the best sellers on this store. Most cost less than 3 USD.

If you are looking forward to getting your very own eyelash extension salon, get your resources from this seller and save tons of bucks!

Feedback score: 98.6%

Their only issue is sending wrong product. However they will do refund if there are such things occured.

  • D curl is more like C for 12mm and 13mm. Hope you will fix that. Otherwise product is great. Thank you!
  • Product is awesome, great quality and really nice curl. Thanks, I recommend to everyone.
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#3 - Focallure

best Chinese makeup brands

This store has been around for 5 years and its been doing very well. This particular brand specialise in wide variety of cosmetics. That includes lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, liquid foundation, shades and blush powder.

This is a one stop shop for your cosmetics need. You don't need to break the bank just to get high-quality make up that won't harm your skin!

98.2% Feedback score

  • wonderful color. exactly like the picture.
  • came very fast. love it. bought with other products and i'm happy with them all. will buy more. the seller also put a gift - a make up sponge. thank you! very pigmented, i will buy more colors.
  • the product came after 25 days I ordered it on 10/10 and it came on 4/11 is well packed but I'm pretty disappointed because seller doesn't give me any gift ....just the shadow is in the package....a brush or a sponge should be given as a complimentary gift because I purchased for the first time...well it came in a good condition

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#4 - iMAGIC

Chinese makeup brands reviews

IMAGIC Professional Cosmetics is a Hong Kong and Russia joint venture brand established in 2014. Committed to developing new categories, products every year, all of which continue to serve the demand of customers.

With a 97.2% positive ratings, you will never run out of option talking about makeup. From colorful palettes to foundation and make up accessories, you would surely add tons of items on your cart!

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • The goods were delivered quickly, was ordered on October 11, received on October 29. Accordingly, the seller did not communicate. Well packed, all intact. On the mirror is a protective film. The appearance of the pallet is satisfied.
  • Ordered 9-9 shipped next day. arived 20-9. of took only 11 day's. there was no tracking all the way and it came in the mailbox. nothing damaged or broken. collours looking very good. also there is gorgeous shifting in the purple and green. ❤❤❤ eyeshadow is like what picture prommised. i recomend product and shop thank you very much for service.
  • Awesome shadows! Very pigmented. Delivery to Moscow less than a month 

#5 - iFashion Beauty

Chinese makeup brands reviews on AliExpress

This store sells health products and specialise in makeup brushes.

Opened for 4 years. This is a one stop shop for all your health and beauty needs. 97.4% feedback score which is not too bad for a store that sells so many varieties of products.

Did you know that this store also sell slimming massagers, oral care products, and skin care products? You heard me right! You can rely on this store for your body needs from head to toe.


UCANBE brand name originated in the company employees encourage each other a mantra "You can be!" " UCANBE, more beautiful, more confident.

They sell glimmering eye shadow makeups with nice glitter cream paste, which will definitely suit any woman of different races around the world.

Shine bright and slay everyday using all the makeup from the UCANBE store. From your entire face to your lips, this is your one-stop make up shop.

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Top Makeup Brushes on AliExpress

#7 - MZ Makeup Store

MZ Makeup is the best lipstick seller on Aliexpress. Amazing piece of lipstick with good review garner good store reputation.

From matte to metallic lipstick and shiny highlighters and eye shadows, feel prettier without spending so much!

Reviews by Real Buyers

  • Wonderful... creamy and super beautiful not smell I recommend and will buy more.
  • Love this matte lipgloss. Feels smooth on your lips and doesn’t get dry or cracked . Highly recommended.
  • Thank you very much I got my order and very good condition, I love the tone is the same as the picture, with great confidence you can buy with seller 5 Star.
top selling china lipsticks

#8 - Banxeer Makeup Store

If you are looking for non-fading and long-lasting lip gloss, then look no further. Banxeer has the best lip glosses for you to choose from. They offer eight different shades that give a glass look making your lips soft and dehydrated. The brand encourages women to be brave, beautiful, and confident. They also offer other products like eye shadow palletes, sets, and tools. They also have skincare products like creams and serums.

Feedback score: 95.3%

The brand is the best example of "what you see, is what you get," as many customers have proven that the products they receive is what the description speaks about the product.

#9 - Kifoni

Kifoni is known for the innovative ingredients used in its products, which is why this store is one of the top Chinese makeup brands on AliExpress we listed here. The store has been active since 2015, offering a wide range of products from tools to cosmetics. Most of their products are lipsticks and blushes, which have sold over a thousand pieces.

One of Kifoni's best sellers is their long-lasting mascara because it features ingredients that will help nourish your lashes and also enhance their volume. It boasts a unique applicator to keep the lashes clamp-free.

Feedback score: 89.6%

Most customers do love the mascara and their lipstick! No wonder.

#10 - Beauty Glazed

If you're into eyeshadows with dreamy, bold, or sweet colors, Beauty Glazed has so many palettes to offer. Their eye shadows are good quality that is perfect for beginners and professional in makeup. The 9-pan eye shadow palette is their best seller, which has matte shades and shimmers. The colors perfectly suit any skin tone, and they will surely brighten your eyes!

Feedback score: 97.5%

It's really not a secret why Beauty Glaze eyeshadow palettes are a hit! Though, one report says that some color are chalky which cause fall outs, though it works well still.


Buying your Chinese makeup from any of these top rated shops is highly recommended. Now that you have a basic guide for makeup shopping on AliExpress its time to go online and order a cartful of them for yourself or your loved ones.

Buying Makeup Items from AliExpress

Makeups available - Brush Sets, Lipsticks, Concealers, Eyelash mascara.

Makeup Brush Sets on AliExpress

You’ll get some of the best deals on the brush sets sold on AliExpress. These brushes are crafted out of the best quality materials which ensure that you don’t get any allergic reactions.

Moreover they are so cheap that you would end up buying a few sets. Below are some top selling Brush sets available on AliExpress.

Champagne Makeup Brush Set

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Lipsticks on AliExpress

Here are some of the best lipsticks products we found on the Chinese portal. Most cost less than US3 with good reviews. Personally I love the Focallure lipstick more than other brands from China.

FOCALLURE Matte Lipsticks

Maquiage 12pcs Lip Kit Matte Lipstick

Concealers on AliExpress

Concealers are every girls' secret weapon. Perfect for spot cleaning, lightening dark circles and hiding all facial imperfections. Below are some amazing finds by us.

SACE LADY Full Cover Liquid Concealer

Eyelash Makeups on AliExpress

When comes to buying eyelashes. You gotta make sure that they are soft and very comfortable to wear. A lot of sellers are saying these lashes are made of real mink fur. I have tried a couple of those and it seems to be of good use. However try not to reuse too much. For me, 3 times and thats it, Ill purchased a new set again. Since its so cheap, I always love to buy it as a haul. Here are some of the top curation.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Visofree Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes


You will find a host of cheap Chinese makeup brands on Aliexpress, most of which are not bad as you think. Unlike the fake brands these ones would tell you what materials goes into the making of the products. If you are looking forward to buying cheap Chinese make up from Aliexpress then make sure to buy them from a seller who comes with over 90% positive reviews from customers.

It goes without saying that the sellers with the best reviews deliver the best quality items. It is also important that you buy the makeup from a seller who specializes in selling cosmetic items.

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