Best Kids Smartwatch with GPS on Aliexpress

by Shopify API on Jul 04, 2022

best smartwatch for kids

We have all bowed down to gadgets, and this is a fact that is universally acknowledged. However, it is also true that children these days need gadgets that they see their parents using. Either they would start using yours or would demand one of their own.

When it comes to gadgets, one of the latest obsessions in the market are the trendy smartwatches. These watches perform several functions that are deemed impossible of traditional watches.

Apart from showing the time, smartwatches can calculate your calorie intake, the steps you have walked, and let you take and make calls just like your smartphone. Apart from these benefits, there are several more things that a smartwatch can do, and each day we find a new kind of feature added to make our lives more comfortable.

Thanks to all these features and the trendy design of smartwatches, kids want one for themselves too. But you do not have to give them yours, the market has come up with special kids smartwatches with GPS. These smartwatches have been created with the utmost care and precision since the people who would be wearing them are the tiny ones.

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2022

So, let us advance and take a step forward towards innovation. Scroll down to find some of the best smartwatches with GPS that are available on AliExpress for your kids.

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#1 - The Pretty K9 Watch

This smartwatch contains all features that your kids will love and adore; this is going to be the new toy that they play with, without getting bored. Not only will this watch help introduce your kids to the time system, but there are also several other features that will help your child. This is the best alternative available for you if you do not want to give your child a mobile phone.

There is a two-way calling facility available on this watch; you can call your child anytime and they would receive the call on their smartwatch. There is also an option for texting. This feature is great since it lets you stay connected to your child without a phone.

Apart from the features of calling and texting, there are also other features available. A camera is available so that your kids too can enjoy the wonderful hobby of clicking photographs. There is an album where all the saved photos can be viewed.

The smartwatch also has several in-built games that are definitely going to be loved by them. The option of music is also available for children who love listening to music all the time. All you need to do is insert a TF card and copy songs via a USB connection. A file called ‘My Music’ automatically gets created once you insert the TF card.

What more? There is also an alarm clock and a calculator in this smartwatch, both of which are of a great need to the children.

You can get this feature-loaded smartwatch here.

Price: $30.99

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#2 - WIFI Smartwatch with a Location Tracker

A gift like this would mean that you can sit back and relax without having to worry about your child all the time, even if they do not carry a mobile phone with them. This watch does all the jobs of a phone without getting the child addicted to it. The basic features of the smartwatch include calling and chatting, which ensure that you stay connected to your child all the time. However, the watch does not let any calls from strangers that are not in the phonebook get connected.

However, this smartwatch exceeds all expectations and comes with a huge range of features meant towards providing the ultimate care and protection to your child. The watch takes the safety and security of your child very seriously, which is why they have features like an SOS button and a small flashlight to help your child. The SOS button is conveniently placed on the right side of the watch so that your child can quickly reach it in case of emergencies.

The watch also enables remote monitoring so you can keep a watch on your child without being too nagging and intrusive. The smartwatch has a security range that you can customize; this security range alerts you when the watch goes beyond the location set by you. You can also replay and track the movements for up to 30 days.

What more? It is waterproof, so even if your kids forget to take off the watch when they are happily splashing water in the swimming pool, the watch stays safe. There are also fun games for the kids as well as an alarm clock. The battery life is long, making sure that you do not have to worry about charging it every day.

Get this all-in-one smartwatch for your child here.

Price: $37.58

#3 - Smartwatch with a Health Eye Protection Screen

best kids smartwatch 2021

This, again, is a smartwatch that has all the features that you would want when gifting something like this to your child. This watch ensures that your child remains safe and secure at all times. With its in-built functions, it lets you keep a safe eye on your children without being too restrictive or intrusive.

With this smartwatch, you can call your child anytime and thanks to the automatic call answering, your call will get answered immediately. There is also an SOS feature, which can be used by your child in case of emergencies. The watch allows WeChat voice interaction, which is a convenient way of keeping in touch with your child. The super quality of voice clarity enhances the voice chat experience.

You can easily track the movement of your child and set the security range. If your child moves away from the secured location, an alert will be raised and you will know about it. You can track the previous movements too.

The watch has a healthy eye protection screen ensuring that your child’s eyes remain safe too when they are using this smartwatch. The long battery life is a big plus point.

You can get this amazing smartwatch for your child here.

Price: $11.53

#4 - IOS and Android Compatible Smartwatch

This is a simple yet efficient smartwatch that comes with a wide range of features to help you stay connected to your child. The watch comes in various colors and has a comfortable silicone band that will not irritate your child’s skin.

There are several features available in this smartwatch. One of the most important features available is the SOS button, which the child can press in times of emergency. As soon as the button is pressed, you (the guardian) will get an alert message warning you of the situation. The GPS tracker enables you to check the real-time location of your child and find out his whereabouts.

The smartwatch also has a phonebook that allows you to save 10 contacts who can contact the child. Any other calls will not get accepted. There is also a DND feature, which when activated, shields all incoming calls.

There is also a sleep monitoring feature as well as a pedometer in-built in the smartwatch. These let you know your child’s turnover times, distance walked, and more to help you decide a fit and healthy routine for your child.

The other feature that we absolutely love in this watch is its anti-lost feature. If someone takes the watch away from your child’s wrist, you will immediately get an alert. Isn’t this just brilliant?

Get this brilliancy for your kid here.

Price: $13.18

#5 -Smartwatch that really is Smart

This smartwatch is going to be your child’s constant companion and is going to be loved and adored. The brilliant and wonderful features available in this watch makes it one of the best things you can ever give your child. Thanks to the amazing things this smartwatch can do, you no longer need to think of getting a mobile phone for your child.

The wide range of features includes the basic calling feature along with a very convenient and easy voice chat. These are the most important features since they help you maintain direct contact with your kids. The lovely watch that comes in three pretty colors has many more functions that you can use to ensure your child’s safety.

The watch has a long battery life, which is extremely important since there remains no fear of the battery dying out in crucial times. There is also an alarm clock for the kids. For kids who love clicking pictures, the watch also has a camera that they can use to click wonderful pictures.

The watch has a flashlight as well as an SOS button; both of these functions are extremely important. You can also track your kids in real-time to know that they are within the accepted and friendly neighborhood.

All of this and more features are definitely going to compel you to get one of these for your kids today. You can get it here.

Price: $28.27

Buying Kids Smartwatch from Aliexpress

These were some of the best smartwatches with GPS that are available for your kids. With these watches, you can make sure that your child is safe and reachable at all times. We do not recommend keeping a hawk-eye on your child at all times, but knowing that no harm has befallen on your precious one is one of the biggest benefits provided by these watches.

Go ahead and get one of these watches for your kids today and see that smile widen bright.