Is Beauty Forever Hair Wig Worth It?

by Shopify API on Apr 01, 2023

beauty forever hair review

Hair wigs no longer have a stigma attached to them. In today’s world, hair wigs and extensions have become quite common, for various reasons. The popularity of these is such that women all over the world have their personal favorites in terms of material, texture, color, and more.

We love experimenting with different hairstyles and going through several heat treatments to tussle up our look. But there is only so much we can do with our natural hair, which is why it may be a good idea to invest in a good quality hair wig and extensions. We still prefer buying on Aliexpress than on Amazon.

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There is so much you can do with hair wigs; the options are truly limitless. Are you excited to venture into this alluring and mesmerizing world with us? Continue reading!

Who owns Beauty Forever hair?

According to Amazon, who owns Beauty Forever is the business name is BEAUTY FOREVER E-COMMERCE LIMITED.

Who owns Beauty Forever hair

Beauty Forever Review

beauty forever amazon

One of the most trusted brands when it comes to getting high-quality hair is Beauty Forever. You will find a wide variety of wigs, weaves, extensions, and more by the brand. You will also find that there are tons of textures available such as kinky, curly, straight, body wave, and a lot more.

Beauty Forever hair bad reviews (From Amazon)

1 out of 5 stars

I ordered a kinky human hair curly wig which turned out to be a synthetic wig - wrongly advertised as human hair, I will not order again from a company that lies to customers to push out their unsoldable stock. BAD

1 out of 5 stars

The item is supposed to be 100% human hair and is not. It is frizzy, gets tangled and rough. I reached out to seller and they advised me to “wash the hair” I’ve purchase hair for 100$ that looked much better and of better quality. I was robbed. Not even offered to exchange the product for a real wig. Very disappointed.

1 out of 5 stars

This wig had clearly been worn. It was filthy.

1 out of 5 stars

Lace already cut on wig when opened. Can tell the wig is used, smells like hair grease/oil. Clearly 14 ". I want my money back right now. The nerve, selling used wigs.

1 out of 5 stars

This hair is not 150% its more like 80% its very thin especially in the top and the lace front was so small. That was not 13×4. I had high hopes for this hair but was very disappointed after installing it

1 out of 5 stars

1st wig shedded terribly. Replacement wig is not the same. Came damp and moldy. Tried to contact seller to understand what is happening. Unsuccessful. Will return both wigs if I don’t get a response.

Beauty Forever Aliexpress Review

  • The wig came in 9 days, very soft no smell, the ends were a little thin but if you would get 180% density you shouldn’t have that problem & it looks true to length.
  • Hair was honestly great! I love how after a wash the curls still Bounce back and look good as new. Seller had great communication and it shipped very fast.will be purchasing again.
  • AMAZING , SOFT, AFFORDABLE HAIR!!! It dyes/ bleaches well and maintains its curl pattern. There is minimal shedding and it is true to length . The wefts are not very thick but the hair has lots of body .
  • Fast shipping and great communication between seller and customer! Hair was very soft and flown with minimal shedding. Will definitely buy another one in the future but a longer length!!
  • Oh I really can express my feelings for this hairIt's true to length and soft. Good communication with the seller. she keeps updating u with the tracking details step after step. Thanks so much and hoping to come shop again.

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In this article, you will find some of the best hair from Beauty Forever that will enhance your features and help you achieve that flawless look you have always wanted? Are you ready for the adventure?

Here are some of the best ones from the brand for you -

Beauty Forever Malaysian Curly Wigs

beauty forever wig amazon

Are you looking for fascinating curls that will change your whole look and make you look attractive? This lace front wig with a 150 percent density is the best option. This curly Malaysian wig is soft, bouncy, and comfortable to wear. The cap is available with an adjustable strap that makes the wig snug on your head and does not slip off when you wear it.

The wig is made of high-quality material and is free of tangles. It is also non-shedding and clean. With this healthy and shiny wig, you can shine on those special occasions when you decide to wear it.

This wig also comes with a natural hairline that makes it look like it is your real hair. You get it in a natural black color, which allows you to bleach and dye it to the colors of your choice.

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Beauty Forever Brazilian Remy Ombre Highlight Lace Front Human Hair Wig

beauty forever hair review

This Brazilian lace front human hair wig comes in blonde honey color with highlights that look absolutely fascinating. It has a 150 percent density, which makes the hair full and voluminous. The hair itself is quite soft, bouncy, and comfortable to wear. The cap is available with an adjustable strap that makes it easy to fit any head size.

The hair looks naturally shiny and is made of 100 percent unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair. The cuticles are fully aligned, which gives the hair a great finish. It also has pre-plucked baby hair that gives the hairline a natural appearance. You can also easily change the style of the hair by bleaching or coloring it. Using heat tools is also possible.

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Beauty Forever Brazilian Virgin Bob Lace Frontal Wig

Do you want to go short but are scared of the outcome? Here is a great way to live that dream without compromising on the length of your natural hair. Beauty Forever brings this gorgeous bob lace frontal wig with a pre-plucked hairline to give you the natural finish. Once you wear it, it looks so natural that no one will be able to tell that you have a wig on.

The wig comes with an adjustable strap that allows you to comfortably wear it despite the head size. The hair can be restyled as per your preferences. You can curl, perm, or bleach it to your liking.

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Beauty Forever Brazilian Virgin Ombre Hair Bundles

beauty forever hair wigs

We all love ombre hair; it looks strikingly attractive. However, bleaching and coloring hair to get that look can be quite scary as it can cause a lot of damage. This beautiful hair from Beauty Forever can now help you get that perfect ombre without any worries. The bundles look uncannily like your natural hair and come with an incredible shine. The ends are also healthy and free of split ends.

Thanks to the top-notch quality, you do not have to worry about the hair shedding while combing or washing. You will also hardly face any issues with hair tangles. It looks and feels silky and smooth.

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Beauty Forever Dark Auburn Straight Brazilian Virgin Wig

Beauty Forever Dark Auburn Color Silk Straight Wig amazon

Have you always wanted to color your hair a vibrant shade? With this wig from Beauty Forever, you can get a vibrantly colored straight hair without doing anything to your natural hair. The straight hair comes with bangs that add a nice oomph factor to the whole look.

The lace front wig is glueless and is made of 100 percent unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human hair. The cuticles are fully aligned and can be restyled to whatever you prefer. Curl, bleach, or dye the hair without worrying about shedding. The hair is also easy to take care of and maintain.

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Beauty Forever Glueless Wig with Bangs

wigs review of beauty forever

We love how gorgeous this wig by Beauty Forever looks. It has an amazing texture and thanks to the high-quality and precision with which it is designed, it looks so much like our natural hair. The glueless wig comes with an adjustable strap to allow it to be worn comfortably on any head size. You can also easily restyle the hair by changing its color or texture.

It is an ideal hair for those who want to change up their look and go short. If you are looking for something like that, you must definitely get this gorgeous hair.

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Beauty Forever Kinky Curly Human Hair Wig

human hair wig beauty forever

Who doesn’t love kinky curls, especially when they are as good as this wig, right? This wig is made of 100 percent unprocessed Brazilian human hair. It has a silky, smooth, and soft texture. It also has a natural shine, which looks striking. The hair and ends are also healthy.

You can comfortably wear the wig for a long duration without any itchiness and rashes. The density of the hair is pretty good that gives it a full and natural look. You can also easily restyle it; you can bleach and color it, you can also change the parting to your liking. And the best part, you do not have to always keep it open, you can easily make a ponytail.

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Beauty Forever Transparent Lace Front Human Hair Wig

hairs by beauty forever

This 100 percent unprocessed Brazilian Human hair has soft waves that look so natural and beautiful. The hair can easily be bleached, dyed, permed, or straightened. You can restyle it in any way that catches your fancy. The wig has transparent lace that matches the skin well and gives it a natural finish when you wear it. The wig also has pre-plucked baby hair that gives the hairline a natural finish. It also comes with an adjustable strap that makes it comfortable to wear for all head sizes.

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Is Beauty Forever a Legit Site?

Well, buy from ALiexpress or Amazon is your best choice when comes to buying hair wigs. If seller do not deliver, you can ask for refund. Protect yourself as a buyer.

How long does it take for Beauty Hair to deliver?

Well, less than 3 days you can received the hair wigs either from Aliexpress or Amazon.

Is it worth it to buy hair from Beauty Forever?

Beauty Forever is a world-renowned brand that is loved and trusted by many from across the globe. You can definitely buy hair from the brand; we are sure you will not be disappointed with it.

How to take care of the hair?

Not taking proper care of your hair can lead it to become dry and damaged; with no proper maintenance, it will also not last you for a long time. Taking care of Beauty Forever hair is very easy; you just need to take a little effort to keep your hair beautiful and gorgeous. Brushing it from time to time, shampooing it, and deep-conditioning it can prevent hair from shedding and tangling. By following proper steps, you can give your hair a long life.


Human hair can last for a good eight months to one year, given that you take proper care of it. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, can last for a few months. It, again, depends on how well you take care of it.

Restyling Hair

Human hair wigs are 100 percent heat-friendly. You can easily use heat tools to change the texture of the hair. Kinky curls, beachy waves, straight, or perms - do whatever pleases you and catches your fancy without worrying about damaging it.

Best Hair Day with Beauty Forever Hair Wigs!

These were some of the best Beauty Forever hair that you can get at affordable prices to change your hair game altogether. Now, you can easily tweak your look and style without a lot of effort and damage to your real hair. Simply get one (or more) of these from Beauty Forever and enjoy a good hair day every single day!


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