Are Aliexpress Mystery Boxes Real?

by Shopify API on Mar 08, 2022

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Those who enjoy being surprised can purchase a mystery box available on the internet from a variety of sites. That is a bundle consisting of product offerings about which you have no prior knowledge. The shock factor is intriguing, but what if the contents of the box do not live up to those expectations or do not equal the minimum value as promised?

A mystery box is a type of big shock box that is frequently available in a certain theme or brand. The box or bag content reflects a specific value.

For example, suppose you pay € 75 for a mystery box and receive things worth € 300. The contents of the box will be a surprise until it is delivered.

Recently, mystery boxes have gotten started to dominate AliExpress, but what do these packages contain that we can purchase for a few dollars?

In this article, we'll see if they're fake or if there's a real potential of finding something fascinating in some of those packages.

Boxes containing surprises are known as mystery boxes. You do not get to choose which goods; instead, you pay, and the vendor chooses and provides the items they choose.

These mystery boxes are popular because they offer photographs of high-value things like cell phones, computers, wearables, laptops, earphones, drones, and so on.

Others even claim that you have a 95 or 100% percent probability of receiving an Apple product. All of this for a small fee.

Why should you purchase AliExpress Mystery Boxes?

Such mystery boxes come in a fabulous package that is ideal for a wedding or special occasion. Their mystery box package is composed of food-grade material that is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, this mystery box is a miraculous device that uses an electronic light source to not only drive but also to light up.

Every box has been meticulously constructed.

Check these out

This box makes a thoughtful present for family members and friends. You can do it yourself. It is a wonderful option as a present for your friends and family because of its fine workmanship, small details, and box wrapping. Moreover, the box is simple to use and can be controlled with just one hand, putting you in a happy mood.

It is a brand new, top-of-the-line box. It appears to be a small old box. Each box includes an insert on which you may write a message. Other good offers on AliExpress include celebratory & party materials, gift sets & bags, home & garden, and event & party! Keep a close eye out for special offers and promotions so you may save a lot of money on your box.

Are these really mysterious boxes reliable?

Simply because they promise such high-priced things for such a ridiculously low price should probably raise your strong suspicions. Because, yeah, anything and everything actually points to these different boxes being a brand-new AliExpress fraud.

You already know that you can always quickly purchase excellent goods for a low price on AliExpress, but no one offers an iPhone or perhaps a tablet for $1 or $5. Don't you agree?

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How is it that they have so many favorable reviews?

Something else that will make you ponder and question is that the significant majority of these new products have positive evaluations from consumers, with images of the goods purchased: iPhones, Ipod touch, iPads, JBL speakers, and so on.

Furthermore, almost all of these mysterious boxes have already sold hundreds of thousands of copies, making them even more visually appealing.

Usually it isI strongly advise reading information about the products before purchasing a new something because they are typically quite reliable and informative especially if they have photos.

In this situation, and after further detailed examination of several items, it is clear that these are not genuine reviews. Despite the fact that they are written in different nations, everything points to them being untrue since either the language does not correlate to the country's or they are terribly written, including when you automatically translate something directly from Google Translate.

When looking at a lot of these adverts, you'll notice that the same images of happy customers appear in a lot of them.

Finally, because all of these stores have only been open for a short period of time, the hundreds or even thousands of purchases that may have accumulated are most likely recent transactions which have not arrived at their destination, making it impossible to assign a true value.

Some of them begin to have some unfavorable value warnings of something like the scam, but if this becomes widespread, the vendor will most likely erase the products file and generate a new one.

Will I be able to get a refund if the mystery package fails to deliver on its promises?

If you've already purchased either of these boxes and are wondering if you'll be prepared to submit a dispute to get your money back, wait until you actually receive it and try to capture a video or take photos of the entire process, including the order label with the tracking number.

If the packaging said that you would get an authentic Apple product (or another brand), it would be quite simple to file a claim: simply include a screenshot and photos or a film of what you did receive in the dispute.

We have discovered that even some merchants try to protect themselves against an allegation by providing a variety of cautions in the ad, such as that by purchasing the box, you accept the likelihood of obtaining interesting and unexpected contents and that while objections are not reluctantly accepted, you can open one whenever you want.

It is generally recommended that you gather and include some as much information as opportunity to protect with the agreement or disagreement.

In our professional judgment, AliExpress is incapable of finding support for all these wholesalers, as it is evident that they are the only ones who are operating unfairly.

Keep in mind to shop online carefully and deliberately.

There have been thousands of sellers on AliExpress, and while the majority of them are honest people that care about their consumers, there are always dishonest sellers. As a result, be skeptical of advertisements that claim to sell high-end brand things for a few cents when even reproductions aren't that inexpensive.

Nevertheless... We have all fallen into a trap at some point, so if that happens to you, don't worry; AliExpress has your back and you can get your money back.

Pros and Cons of Buying Mystery Boxes


1. You won't find anything worthwhile inside. Even if a mystery box contains 100+ or more different products, none of them are likely to be of any worth. As a result, you will receive no great value for money. This is where the big danger is.

2. There is no guarantee or warranty. Any mystery box you purchase will not come with a warranty or guarantee. These boxes contain unidentified objects for which no one can attest.

3. The customer service isn't very good. Many buyers have commented about just the customer experience of a mystery box not really being great.

4. It's unusual that you'll get your funds refunded with a profit. Getting merely the worth of your cash from a mystery box is a difficult endeavor in most cases, let alone profit. Because purchasing a mystery box does not imply that you will be entered into a lucky draw, and it does not imply that anything valuable will be found inside.

5. It's basically not what you'd think based on the package. "Do not be fooled by a book's cover." That is something I would apply to our mystery boxes as well, because a package may not be exactly what it looks to be. If the package is just full of rubbish, the weight won't matter.

But, because you can't see what's within, you'll have to trust your instinct and hope it's not wrong. If you really want to purchase a mystery package, you'll have to take a chance.


1. A large number and differences of things for a low price. As previously stated, a mystery box contains a variety of odd goods. Now, the value of the things varies, but numerically, you may obtain a lot of them for a fixed price. So, say, a hundred items for $20 doesn't seem like a horrible deal.

2. You have the option of selecting a mystery box from a specific category. There are mystery boxes that are not only anonymous, but also have a specific category. For example, imagine a garments mystery box where all you get is clothes.

Only the specialized items are kept in these specialized boxes. Depending on your interests, you can purchase any type of specialized mystery box.

3. If the contents within the package are great, you can make a lot of money. Now, out of all those goods, you might get lucky and find one that will both pay for itself and make you money. You may also purchase a lot of products that are worth something and use them all together to pay off your debt and make a profit.

4. Shelf pulls and warehouse damage are the most common causes of merchandise damage. The majority of the time, retailers sell their old merchandise to make place for new. This merchandise is mainly new, although it was merely sold to clear off room in the store.

These things could end up in the mystery boxes, offering you the opportunity to score multiple new goodies for the price of the box. If something is broken inside, you can usually restore it out and keep it or resale it.

5. Almost everything is ready to sell. You can always resell the items you received from the mystery box if you don't intend to keep them.

The majority of the products you receive are in good shape and could be sold right away. If you do decide to resale them, you will make a profit.

The Truth About AliExpress Mystery Boxes

Whenever you plan to order one mystery box, the rush of it will make you want to buy more. But, in the end, everything comes down to personal preference. Purchasing a surprise box is both inexpensive and thrilling, as well as risky!

Every package you buy could contain something that will give you your money back plus profits, or it could contain nothing at all. So whether you might purchase a mystery box or not is entirely up to you and your willingness to take a chance.

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