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by Shopify API on Mar 08, 2022

anime figures on aliexpress
anime figures

Everyone knows that AliExpress is a big marketplace and that it is the place to go when you want to find some cool stuff. And what cool stuff can be found on AliExpress? Anime Figures! I don’t know if you are an anime fan, but if so, you should check out this article. I think you will find it useful.

The anime market is a thriving and expanding industry that’s not slowing down anytime soon. The last decade has seen an incredible rise in the number of people engaging with anime, especially with the advent of online streaming services and new technologies. But as anime continues to grow, fans are hungry for more—more genres, more quality, more original stories, and more characters. One way they satisfy their desire for more is through the merchandise of anime figures, and that’s where AliExpress comes in.

Anime figures are a type of articulated action figure depicting characters from Japanese animation, manga, and video games. These action figures are usually made in large quantities and are available to the general public. They are often used as promotional items and collectible items.

For this topic, we will be looking at some anime figures on AliExpress and evaluate them to know if they are good.

What are Anime Figures?

"Anime Figures" is a term used to describe any type of model or statue of an anime or manga character. These figures are usually statuettes that are made in the likeness of characters from manga and anime series. They can be found as toys, collectibles, and also as display pieces. It is also possible to buy anime figures that are made out of resin and pewter. These are generally more expensive than the first type.

Anime figures are of great importance to fans of manga and anime series. These have a special significance, especially to those that have grown up with the series.

Furthermore, these anime figures are also considered to be of great value to collectors. They are a great addition to an anime collection. Anime fans can buy them to simply display them on a shelf in their living room or use them as a special collector’s item.

What are the types of Anime Figures?

AliExpress has hundreds of thousands of anime figures available for purchase. Here are the types of anime figures according to their materials:

PVC Figures 

These are one of the most popular collector’s items on AliExpress, and the price range can start at $2.50 and go up to $100, depending on the size and quality of the figure. PVC figures are made with soft plastic to sculpt the figures and are usually found in an anime or manga store. Nowadays, PVC figures are sold as collectors' items.

Resin Figures 

These are made by mixing caustic liquid and filler powder. These figures are sturdy and highly detailed because they are made with high-quality material. Resin Figures’ price range can go from $2 to $200. So, in short, resin figures are made with quality material and are made as a collector’s item.

Metal Figures 

The only thing these figures are made of is metal. These heavy figures are great additions to any collection, but they do not flex and can break easily. They are available for $4 to $200.

Casting figures 

These figures are made of plastic. They are more affordable than the other figures, but they are not as detailed as PVC, resin, and metal figures.

Clay figures 

These are made by hand and are not a popular item on AliExpress. These figures are handmade and super detailed, so they are usually well made.

Die-cast figures 

These are made from metal, usually tin or zinc. These figures are very detailed and are cast. Since they are made of metal, they are quite heavy, but they cannot be flexed.

Plastic figures 

These are made with hard plastic. Some of them have joints, and the price range is between $1.20 and $50.

Are AliExpress Anime Figures in Good Quality?

The answer to the question, "Are the AliExpress anime figures good quality?" Yes they are .However, you’ll find that the ones that aren’t good quality are usually the ones that aren’t made by major brands. These are usually the lower-priced ones. If you’re looking for good quality anime figures, choose the ones where you know the manufacturer. These are usually the big-name companies.

Unfortunately, there are some AliExpress anime figures that are obviously cheap and look and feel like they’re of very low quality. They’re probably going to be the ones you can buy for single figures, and you’ll pay a few dollars for each one. Make sure you look at the image carefully. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad anime figure; it just doesn’t necessarily look like a big-name product.

So, if you’re looking for the best AliExpress anime figures, you should remember that you get what you pay for. The brands you will usually see are the ones that make your favorite figures.However, the most expensive ones are usually going to be the best quality.

Evaluating the Anime Figures in AliExpress

How should I know if the anime figures on AliExpress are good? The answer is below. I take a look at the various figures and evaluate them. This will help all the anime figure fanatics out there who don't know too much about it.

Here is the evaluation of the anime figures on AliExpress:

Figure's appearance 

Most of the figures on AliExpress are incomplete. For example, a figure may only have a head but no body. Or a figure may have a body but not a head. Or both may be missing.

Some of the figures are missing accessories too. The worst one is when the figure is missing its legs. This is very frustrating because you will not be able to display it in any way.

Features of Anime Figures in AliExpress.

Most of the figures from AliExpress are pre-assembled. However, there are some that need to be assembled. Some may be partially assembled. And some may contain only the figures but not the accessories.

Anime figures on AliExpress are made of plastic or other materials. The quality and materials used may vary depending on the specific model.

These figures are shipped from China. And for most of the figures, AliExpress does not reveal any information about their manufacturer.

Limited Edition Figures are Hard to Find.

The figures that are limited-edition are difficult to find. It is because their production is only limited to a specific number of units.

When these figures are sold out, their manufacturers do not produce any more. This makes them hard to find.

The Limited Edition Anime Figures can be found in the Highest Quality.

Limited Edition Anime Figures are made of higher quality than the usual figures. They are made to look even better than the anime characters. The Limited Edition Anime Figures also have a higher price than the usual ones.

So, if you are looking for a quality anime figure and you are looking for a specific figure, you should search for limited edition anime figures.

Cheaper Price.

Usually, you can get anime figures on AliExpress for a cheaper price than in actual stores. One of the reasons is that the sellers do not have to pay a high price for getting their products onto the market.

How long will it take for my AliExpress Anime Figures to arrive?

Anime figures are one of the most challenging products to ship from China. This is mainly due to their size, but it also depends on what kind of figure you’re importing. You might be thinking, "I don’t know how long my anime figures will take to arrive," but I’m here to help you know based on the different factors. Let’s take a look:

Size of the order

Let’s start with the size of your order. The smaller the order, the longer it will take to arrive. If you’re importing a smaller order of anime figures, expect it to arrive in seven to eight weeks. If you are importing a larger order of anime figures, expect it to arrive in three to four weeks.

Complexity of the Anime Figures

The next factor that we’ll talk about is the complexity of the figures themselves. The more complex the figure is to assemble, the longer it will take to arrive. This is because the manufacturer will collect all of the components, assemble them together, pack them, and ship them out.

Shipping Method 

The last factor that will determine how long your anime figures will take to arrive is the shipping method that you choose. The cheapest method is China Post. Expect it to arrive in nine to twelve weeks. The most expensive is EMS. Expect it to arrive in five to seven weeks. They also offer a North American ePacket, and expect it to arrive in four to six weeks.

Pros and Cons of buying Anime Figures

Are you thinking of buying anime figures? They’re a great way to enjoy your favorite characters, but there are some pros and cons when it comes to collecting them. Here are the pros and cons of buying anime figures.


  • Anime figures are built to last, so you don't have to worry about breaking anything. They're also made with the highest quality materials, so you can enjoy their design and craftsmanship for years to come.
  • One of the best things about collecting anime figures is that they are stunningly detailed pieces that fans adore for their eye-catching colors and iconic characters.
  • Anime figures have a lot of moving parts, making them the perfect toy for kids and adults alike.
  • Anime figures are made from high-quality materials, which is a big part of what makes them so collectible and enjoyable.


  • The more merchandise you collect, the more elaborate your collection becomes.
  • While it may seem easy to fix a small scratch or crack, most figures are constructed in a fragile and precise manner.
  • Cleaning your collection may also be a challenge..

Choosing Anime Figures in AliExpress

This section will give us an idea of how to know whether the anime figures on AliExpress are good or bad, not just from their exterior appearance but also from their function, so that the next time you purchase them, you’ll know how to choose the best AliExpress anime figures.

Figure's appearance

This is the most critical point for us to judge whether the figure is good or not. First, we should look at the painting of the anime figure from the perspective of the original anime and the degree of loyalty to the original one. Secondly, we should look at the proportion of the anime figure, whether the figure looks right or not compared to the original character.

Evaluation standard

The color should be clear and glossy, and the contours of the figure should match those in the original anime. If the figure is a boy, the chest and the shoulders shouldn't be too big, and if it is a girl, the waist should be thin. The anime figure shouldn't be too tall or too short compared to the original character.


This is the most important factor in our evaluation of the anime figures on AliExpress. The anime figures should be able to stand up without falling over. The figure size should be the same as the original anime character. We also pay attention to the joint looseness and wiggle. If the joints are too loose, the figure will be deformed. If the figure is hard to move and pop out, that means the joints are too tight, which will also make the figure not move smoothly.


A lot of anime figures on AliExpress have no accessories, but we still pay attention to the accessories on this point. Some of the anime figures on AliExpress have the same accessories as the original anime figures, but some of them do not. The accessories of anime figures can be the same as the original anime figure, but they can also be different. If they are different, they should be painted well and look good. We will not evaluate them as a deformity.


Quality is the most important point when evaluating an anime figure. We take quality as the number one point because quality decides whether an anime figure can be a high-end product or a low-end product. Some of the anime figures on AliExpress are made with good craftsmanship, and some of them are not. If the craftsmanship of an anime figure is good, the figure will be used for a long time and will always be a high-end product.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a collector of all things anime, it can be hard to justify spending money on costly figurines. That’s why we’ve made this guide: so that you can explore your love of Anime figurines to the fullest.

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