Where to Buy Fake Pokemon Cards?

by Shopify API on Aug 16, 2022

fake pokemon cards

It’s already 2022 and Pokemon is still a hit - either on video games, smartphone games, anime series, and most especially card trading! If you’re a Pokemon fanatic, then you know how rare and expensive it is to purchase original cards.

Even Logan Paul purchased a fake pokemon card recently.

Pokemon card prices can range $40 to up to a whopping $24,000 per card! Sometimes kids (or even adults!) i just wanted to experience the real feel of playing with Pokemon cards. You don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars just to play with your friends.

You might probably be asking yourself where to buy fake Pokemon cards online, and the answer lies in one word: AliExpress! AliExpress offers a great selection of Pokemon cards that you can purchase, and they are honestly very affordable for everyone.

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How to tell Fake or Real Pokemon Cards


Take a look at some of the cards that we have reviewed from AliExpress:

Top Pokemon Cards on AliExpress

Here are our top picks for Pokemon cards that we have bought and thoroughly reviewed from AliExpress. You’ll get a quick grasp of the cards that each supplier sells, and we have also included some real reviews from other customers.

54pcs Pokemon Metal Gold Cards

where to buy fake pokemon cards

For durability, we give these 54pcs Pokemon Metal Gold Cards five stars! Although they are not really made of metal, these cards will surely last especially if young kids are gonna be playing them. The cards are made from gold-plated plastic which does not easily bend nor break.

All of the letters and photos of the Pokemon characters are well printed, making them very easy to look at even at dim light. However, some customers have stated that some cards from a different language (either Spanish or English) have mixed up from the language they have ordered.

The shipping is pretty fast, we have received our package within two weeks. The package was completely secured when it arrived, and no dents or scratches on the actual product were seen. Also, it comes with a card case which makes it even more convenient to store.

where to buy fake pokemon cards 2022

Real Customer Review:

“They're like flexible plastic, as seen in the video. They are not rigid metal but they are very nice and more manageable. My boy loves them!”

50-300Pcs Pokemons Cards

fake pokemon cards

I must say that these cards really live up according to how they look on the website. You really get what you pay for, and they are honestly super cheap too! We got 300 pieces of cards for only $14.71!

These are honestly a great gift to give for kids who absolutely love Pokemon cards. They wouldn’t get enough of the 300 cards that they can play with all day! The shipping was fast too, and it comes in a well-packaged box.

The cards seem rigid and you can’t really tell the difference when you compare it with an original card. For the 300 cards ordered, no cards were repeated and that’s an edge that this seller has. They are definitely checking the cards before shipping it out, and we have noticed that they ship out the items in just a day or two.

Customers also choose from 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120 cards per box. Languages available are Spanish and English. You are also entitled to get an additional 5% off if you purchase 3 or more boxes of these Pokemon cards.

Real Customer Review:

“My son loved the cards. and it arrived very fast way ahead of schedule. The seller always answered the question I had. Thank you. I will be purchasing more soon.”

10PCS+1 1996 Pokemon Cards

best fake pokemon cards

Vintage cards always have that special connotation regardless of what item it is - even a Pokemon card. AliExpress offers these vintage cards for only $0.01 per card. Honestly, if you have seen an original 1996 Pokemon card, you would tell the difference between the two.

But if you’re simply buying these cards to have that nostalgic feeling way back to 1996, or you wanna show your kids how the first official cards look, then buy these! The cards are pretty thick too, and the holographic look at the back is stunning. 

If you’re displaying these cards, we highly recommend putting them in a protector, and people who would look at them would barely notice they’re fake. They are of pretty decent quality for the price, but you might have to pay for the shipping more than the actual product.

best fake pokemon cards 2022

Real Customer Review:

“Pretty good quality. Real collectors will be able to tell they are fake though because some of the fonts and border spacing is wrong. Some of the Pokémon names are spelled wrong, but overall good quality. Will be displaying these. Mewtwo is real vs fake.”

324-piece Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion Pokemon Cards

top fake pokemon cards

Nothing is more stunning and amazing than getting 324 pieces of Pokemon cards that exactly look like an original! The entire packaging of the cards are a real show-stopper because they look like they are really made from superior quality. 

The only thing that you would probably notice is that the words don't show exactly the same as the original one. However, the seller made a disclaimer that the cards were made using an improved English version which is slightly different from the original cards. But as for the overall quality of the cards, you won’t have any issues with it.

It just took 10 days for the package to be delivered and we have received them with a lot of bubble wrap. The box was not dented nor scratched even if it came halfway across the world. They also have an individual plastic container per card which makes it even more high-end than regular replicas.

Lastly, there are other variations that you can choose from aside from Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion cards:

  • Crimson Invasion
  • Sun & Moon Burning Shadows
  • Celestial Storm
  • Ancient Origins
  • Cosmic Eclipse
  • Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze
  • Dragon Majesty
  • Evolutions
  • Lost Thunder
  • Rebel Clash
  • Sword Shield
  • Team Up
  • Ultra Prism
  • Unbroken Bonds
  • Battle Styles
  • Vivid Voltage
  • Unified Minds
  • Sun & Moon

324 pieces Shining Pokemon Cards

top fake pokemon cards 2022

If you’re buying these cards for your children, you will surely be delighted with the smiles on their faces as soon as they see these cards. The cards come in a holographic look so it has that rainbow reflective aesthetics.

On the other hand, it is quite noticeable that you won’t see the writings on the card vividly under low and bright lights. So, you might want to tell your children to play on a well-lit area for an immersive gaming experience.

As for the shipping speed, the seller ships out the items within 2-3 days and it can arrive at your doorstep after a week or two. The box is delivered very secure and the items are full with bubble wrap. 

Real Customer Review:

“Arrived in 11 days, looks pretty good for fake cards. They feel lighter, the details are little less if you look very very close. But these cards are the best for small kids who take them outside and throw them around and stuff.”

Buying Fake Pokemon Cards 2022

We have acknowledged that you are interested in purchasing fake pokemon cards, but getting fake ones doesn’t mean that they have to be of inferior quality.

Do not be like him.

fake pokmon card logan paul

Before checking out your cards, here are some of the things you need to consider before buying:

  • Card Thickness: Choose a card that is thick enough to handle all that flying and throwing games by kids. Thick cards would last longer since they are durable especially if younger kids would be playing them.
  • Customer Reviews: No one can have an actual representation and description of the product but the customers who have bought the item. Check the reviews if the item matches the description or if there are any major flaws that you need to know.
  • Vivid Colors and Accurate Writing: Also based on customer reviews, you can check if there are issues with the font, spelling, or colors of the Pokemon card. 

There should never be any issues and criticisms for people who wanted to buy fake cards. We honestly don’t have to spend tons of money if we don’t see so much value on the card itself - unless you’re a toy collector.

But if you just want your kids to have fun playing with these amazing cards, spending less than $20 for a whole box of cards would really help you save a lot! If you ever tried purchasing cards from these sellers or from AliExpress, let us know about your experience and we’ll be happy to hear them!

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