How to Pay on DHgate: 2024 - Is Paypal accepted?

by Shopify API on Sep 20, 2023

how to pay on dhgate

Since its establishment in 2004, the Chinese e-commerce platform DHgate has gone a long way. Despite competing with online shopping behemoths such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, this platform achieved incredible growth over the years.

Today, DHgate hosts millions of sellers and buyers worldwide --effectively representing itself as a go-to e-commerce platform for almost everything under the sun at reasonable prices.

If you are interested in giving this e-commerce platform a try, then you'd want to know different ways on how to pay on DHgate. But first, let us provide you with valuable details that can boost your trust and confidence in this fast-rising e-commerce platform. 

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A Brief Background about DHgate

dhgate founder

Dhgate is one of the leading Chinese B2B (business to business) cross-border e-commerce transaction platforms. It has an ecosystem made up of traditional foreign trade companies operating in various industries such as customs inspection, logistics, payment, finance, etc.

Notably, the "DH" in DHGate refers to Dunhuang, a Chinese city in modern-day Gansu province --formerly a strategic point on the Silk Road. This place is historical because it opened a window for China to trade globally. Today, the company represents and promotes the modern and online version of the Silk Road, linking small and medium Chinese enterprises to the rest of the world. 

Although DHGate does business almost similarly to Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay, it's worth noting that there is still a factor that makes it distinct among the leading e-commerce behemoths. The ecosystem works as a complete platform that is based on a foreign trade closed-loop model. 

about dhgate

Currently, DHGate is in partnership with more than 2,000 industrial belts, 22 million products, and 2 million suppliers in China. These companies conduct online transactions with over 21 million small, medium and micro retailers in 222 countries and regions worldwide. The platform guarantees buyers and sellers in four dimensions: brand advantage, technical advantage, operational advantage, and user advantage. 

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Payment Methods: Pay on DHgate with the Utmost Ease and Convenience!

In business, having critics seem to be inevitable. For instance, despite DHgate's apparent success, some write-ups and reviews tag the platform as scams or fake. But come to think of it. Would the payment giants and established banks negotiate with a counterfeit business? Well, if you are having doubts about the legitimacy of this business, take a look at the list of payment methods below. 

Payment via PayPal on DHGate

Do DHGate accept Paypal?

PayPal allows you to quickly send payments online using a bank account or a credit card. It's relatively quick and easy –you need to visit the PayPal website and send the required amount. If you are used to using this payment service, it's a good thing because it is widely accepted for settling DHgate purchases. 

Aside from the quick payment process, using PayPal also gives you a few advantages. First, you can trace the payment status. Second, you can directly transfer the due from your bank account. This feature eliminates the need to use your credit card. However, if you are left with no option but to wire the payment from your credit card, know that your money is still safe. Thanks to PayPal's excellent encryption system, DHgate has no way of viewing your credit card number.

And last but not least, you would surely appreciate PayPal's Buyer Protection Program on selected items. The fee coverage can go as high as $1000. And of course, though quite limited, you can also count on PayPal's Money Back Guarantee. 

Payment via Credit Card on DHGate

DHgate accepts payment from leading credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you opt to pay using your credit card, please know that you will also be redirected to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment process. Same as the first option, you can easily trace your payment in real-time. Your payment will then be deposited into DHgate's verified bank account. 

Payment via Bank to Bank Transfer on DHGate

DHgate uses Hong Kong's HSBC bank account for official payment transactions. So, if you prefer to send payment directly from your bank to the company's official bank account, here are the details you need.  

  • Bank Name: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • Bank Account: 808-056402-838
  • Bank Address: L9, HSBC Building, 673 Nathan Road, Mongkok,
  • Beneficiary: Rich Palace Holdings Limited
  • Beneficiary Address: Unit D, 10/F, China Overseas Building, 139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH

Payment via Western Union on DHGate

Western Union is one of the most established money transfer companies in the world. It helps businesses and customers send money to any part of the globe in an efficient, quick, and reliable manner. If you are to use this payment option, then here are the details you need.

  • Beneficiary: Fang Jiang
  • First Name: Fang
  • Last Name: Jiang
  • Address: 8/F, Dimeng Commercial Building, No. 3-2 Hua Yuan Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing 100083, China
  • Telephone: +86-10-82028870, +86-10-82025838

How to buy from DHgate without credit card

As above, 2 methods of payments work well: One is by western union and the other is direct bank transfer. DHGate do provide the ease of buying without credit card. Check out some other interesting products to buy below.

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How Does Dhgate Refund Work?

Getting a refund may be sometimes bothersome because it requires several accurate steps that you have to follow in order to approve your request. To be specific, numerous shoppers have been looking for answers on how to get a refund from Dhgate, which is a web-based business commercial center that works with the proposal of fabricated items from providers to small and medium retailers. 

If you are one of those consumers who are having a hard time with the process of Dhgate refund, then this article will entirely help and provide you a step-by-step guide to give you a glimpse of how Dhgate refund works and to assist you conveniently in getting your payment back. 

Firstly, you can demand an 'open a dispute' inside the accompanying time periods dependent on the delivery technique that was utilized for your order.

  • 5-90 days in case your bundle was transported by means of UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL, or USPS.
  • 7-90 days in case your bundle was transported by means of EMS, E-parcel, or E-fast.
  • 10-90 days in case your bundle was transported by means of standard posts like China Post, Hong Kong Post, and so on. 

Processing the refund itself is quite simple and uncomplicated only if you know what to do and you have what you need. One of the things you must consider to prepare is your evidence which will be sent to the dealer because that will serve as their basis for discussing the charge. For every type of concern regarding this matter, there is corresponding evidence needed (discussed in the latter part).

Secondly, since Dhgate (app) is available either from your mobile phone or your personal computer, there may be a slight difference on how to “open a dispute” (as mentioned above). The following may be additional information on how you may request for a refund.

If you are using your personal computer, it is best to follow the procedures below:

1.  Set up your internet browser.

2.  Proceed to their website (https://www.dhgate.com) and open your account.

3.  Look on the top right-hand corner of your homepage, then click the "My DHGate"

4.  On the succeeding page, select the "My Orders"

5.  Right after performing the last step, there should be a tab that indicates "Search My Order" Fill and enter your order number.

  •       When the status of your order is "Item being processed," select the "Request Refund" tab placed at the bottom right part of your screen.
  •   However, if the given status is  "Pending Delivery Confirmation," you may proceed with the "Open a Dispute" tab.
  •    If it is "Buyer Accepted Goods/Payment Released," you may continue to the "Open an After-sale Dispute" tab.

On the other hand, open your Dhgate application on your mobile phone if the status of your purchase is "Pending Delivery Confirmation.”

1.      On the bottom right corner, click the button that says “Account”

2.      Proceed to “My Orders”

3.      Select the "Return and Refund" tab.

To give you an idea what kind of evidence you have to provide, you must know your situation first why you are requesting for a refund. The following classifications may be considered:

1.      Item not Received

In every order you buy, no matter what platform it is, there is a designated date for your delivery order so you may track your purchase. If the given date was past due already and you still haven’t received your parcel, it is reasonable to demand “Open a Dispute” by selecting the “Item not Received” button.

2.      Invalid Tracking Number

Assuming that there is still no tracking data on the shipping carrier’s website even after 5 days (for Fedex, TNT, DHL, and UPS), 7 days (for EMS and Epacket), and 10 days (for China Post, Singapore Post, Hongkong Post, or any other Surfaced mail that can be followed) since the merchant gave the tracking number, you may proceed to requesting a “Return and Refund” under this circumstance. 

However, in the scenario wherein the information regarding delivery is confirmed to be variable with the one you provided, or there are no shipping documents insisted by the trader, then he/she will be the one to take care or cover the refund for you.

For the instance wherein the supplier ships or arranges to ship the order(s) while DHgate Resolution Center is still on the process of evaluating the occurrence while the supplier and the purchaser have not entered into a contract on this subject, DHgate Resolution Center will verify with the purchaser initially, and a refund will be granted if you decide to no longer accept the product.

3.      Item Not as Described

If an object is broken, malfunctioning, or has other flaws that prevent it from being utilized for its primary purpose, it is considered to have quality issues. These goods are assumed to be in good functioning condition and perform as described in the product information, graphic, and technical data of that specific unit. 

In addition, when the merchandise you purchased from their site is distinctive from the one you have received from the delivery, then you will be asked to submit proof-like pictures of the product and close-range shots of the nonfunctioning area. Suppose that the entire product is mismatched, present modified evidence of the received and delivered items.

4.      Received Well but Need to Return

This classification of reason will be acceptable only if the product you are trying to refund has a warranty. An instance for this happening is when you received the item exactly on August 15 and it has a warranty of 1 month. It is still possible to request “Open a Dispute” just in between the range from August 15 until on or before September 15 of the same year.

Final Pace for Dhgate Refund 

After you submit your proof to their system, the management of Dhgate and the seller involved will discuss it and decide later whether to approve or not your refund request. 

The Resolution Center at DHgate will implement its regulations in accordance with the aforementioned general principles. If a Seller or a Buyer disagrees with the Resolution Center's judgments, they can send a notice then provide evidence to the help desk. After the complaint, DHgate will investigate the appeal and respond within 10 business days. If such a participant filing the appeal is requested to give necessary additional documentation throughout the process, he or she must do so within 5 business days, alternatively DHgate will consider that party to waive their ability to appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions about DHgate

Is DHgate a legit e-commerce platform?

Yes. As an e-commerce platform, DHgate connects global consumers to verified Chinese companies that offer efficient yet amazingly affordable products. Sellers have all the rights and responsibilities to handle the listings, arrangements, and shipping of products purchased via the platform. Shipping is available worldwide. 

Is DHgate a safe platform for all kinds of buyers?

DHgate supports legitimate payment companies such as PayPal, Western Union, and leading credit cards like Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. These companies are notable for their independent encryption and data protection systems that ensure the safety of their users. There is no way DHgate can see the buyer's credit card number and other important billing information. 

Furthermore, DHgate has a series of risk control measures. From the beginning of buyer registration, each link monitors the risk of the transaction. At the same time, risk control personnel implement an 8/7 working system to ensure timely updates of various information while ensuring transaction security.

However, despite having many risk control measures for buyers before and after payment, there are still cunning scammers. Buyers are expected to raise awareness by reporting issues or red flags about certain sellers or products. 

DHgate also pays attention to customer privacy and takes protective measures to protect customers' information in the database. It also complies with all legal standards about customer privacy to ensure the security of shopping.

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Are all the DHGATE products worth the money?

As with any other platform, DHgate cannot monopolize the products that certain companies will list in its platform or individually check the quality.

Manage your expectations that there are genuine and fake products. The key is to check the listing thoroughly and the descriptions and reviews to come up with a valuable purchase. 

Also, DHGate is the platform where you can purchase fakes from.

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Are there hidden fees when you buy from DHgate?

None. As a buyer - you pick your merchandise, you pay for it, and you receive it. Depending on available shipping, delivery can be relatively quick or with 6–8 weeks being the most prolonged duration.

In some instances, you may find that choosing to ship in a rush can feel like there's a hidden fee. If you've ever heard the expression "slow boat to China," - this is the literal embodiment of that term. China is quite a long way away from the US, Europe, Australia, etc. As it goes, cheap shipping is slow, while speedy shipping is costly. 

Furthermore, DHgate is primarily a market for wholesale purchases with long logistical lead times. Ordering single items, or only a couple of things, can feel like a ripoff. For instance, you found a six-dollar item you need next week. If you proceed with the shipping, expect that it's going to cost you $57. However, it must be cleared that it's not DHGate's hidden charge. Enter DHL, Chinapost, or whoever. If you're making large volume purchases and are comfortable waiting for a few weeks, trust that it will be a bargain.

Why Buy Chinese Goods from DHgate?

Not all consumers have the budget for branded goods. Many search the market for products that can deliver the same function and purpose but less the expensive price tag. And when it comes to this aspect, DHgate proves to be one of the best places to go. But why?

It's worth noting that this e-commerce platform is home to thousands of Chinese manufacturers. And in case you are not aware, products manufactured in China have the most competitive prices globally. Also, it seems that there is a similar one produced in China for every product ever introduced on the market.

In this country, people are free to create imitations as the law is not that strict compared to other countries. Also, China is known for its cheap labor cost. It might be disadvantageous to the workers themselves, but certainly, it is beneficial to the rest of the world

. The products might not be famous in terms of brands, but who cares when you'll get the same function with half of the money?

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