What Is Tantric Massage?

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What Is Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an experience that everyone should try. It feels good, and you will feel the benefits of the ancient practice of tantra more often.

This guide will explain: What Is Tantric Massage? What are the benefits of Tantric Massages? and the way to give a tantric masseuse. Let's get started!

Tantric Massage Erotic?

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It's not just an erotic massage, but it is more. But how do you know?

Nadia Deen, co-founder, and CEO of The Intimology says that tantric massage has roots in ancient therapy but with a modern twist. It allows you to connect with your partner in an even more spiritual and conscious manner, making relaxation and tranquility the ultimate destination.

It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it's about being present in each moment and accepting one another without judgment. Tantric massage can be deeply satisfying for both parties by engaging all their chakras and using energy transference to make it more enjoyable.

Camilla Constance, a sex and intimacy coach, agrees that it is important to be present and non-judgmental to allow the receiver to relax and feel at ease.

She explains that a tantric massage is a full body massage that awakens sexual energy and then consciously moves this energy around the body. It's a wonderful way to experience tantric sex. The goal and outcome are not important, but the enjoyment of every moment.

The receiver's level of relaxation can fall into means that sexual energy is not forced from the body in a short climax. Instead, it is free to move around the body and grow into amazing, full-bodied orgasms. The experience becomes even more intense when conscious breathing is used.

What are the Benefits?

Tantric Massage Benefits

Vitality and Health

We are wired to have sexual energy as humans. This energy can be misdirected and misused, limiting its potential. Tantric massage teaches the body how to harness this energy for healing. It allows us to cleanse, purify, and restore our bodies, souls, and emotions for greater health and vitality.

Eliminating Blockages

What are blockages exactly? Blockages can be physical or mental barriers. However, they are energetic or emotional obstacles that stop your sexual energy from flowing freely. Tantric massage addresses every aspect of a person - mental, emotional, and sexual - to remove the blockage. This will allow for energy to flow freely within.

Reduction in Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions can manifest in many ways and are usually the result of some blockage. Low libido and premature ejaculation can all make it difficult to have sex. Tantric massage can reduce or eliminate sexual dysfunctions. It allows us to tap into our full sexual potential.

Increased Orgasmic Potential

Many people find that the peak of their sexual experiences culminates with a brief, fleeting moment of orgasm. Tantric massage practitioners have learned to unleash their sexual potential.

Tantric massage stimulates the release of sexual energy throughout the body. This allows for whole-body, multi-orgasmic states. These can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Higher Sex Drive

Perhaps you have noticed that your sexual drive has been declining in recent years. Low libido may not be due to any health issues. It could also be due to a lack of intimacy or concerns about your body.

Many people find that skin-on-skin contact in tantric massage practices can increase sex drive, so no other methods can. The bottom line is that the more you do it, the more you will want it.

True joy and fulfillment

When we can finally embrace our true selves sexually and spiritually, beautiful things happen. Tantric massage can bring joy and fulfillment to many people. You can feel a deep and intimate love for your partner and yourself that allows you to feel a sense of freedom, clarity, and fulfillment like you've never experienced before. This is the root of ecstatic living.

Enhance Relationships

Tantric massage can also be a great way to improve your relationship with your partner. You can have a new lease of life when you remove any blockages and allow your sexual energy to flow freely.

No more fear, shame, or other restrictive mentalities that can get in the way of love. Instead, you can have renewed clarity with your partner and cultivate true contentment and intimacy.

How To Give A Tantric Massaging?

It's a good idea to read up on tantric principles before attempting to give a tantric masseuse. This will ensure that you approach the experience with a sense of sacred connection and intentional pleasure.

According to Duarte, these are the most important elements of tantra massage.

The recipient should be able to feel pleasure and not feel compelled to reciprocate.

Giving pleasure is willing to give it without expecting a return.

Learning to read the partner's body language and understanding the important touch is important for the giver.

Both, forgetting time.

Both partners have a strong desire for the best for each other.

Personal hygiene is essential to ensure a positive experience.

She tells mbg that it is often hard for people to express their desire to touch others. "To touch someone in a way they desire to be touched requires experience and patience.

Here are some instructions for certain types of tantra massage. These can be done with a partner or on your own.

Lingam massage.

A lingam massage is a treatment that honors and pampers the penis.

Relax the penis owner by lying down on their back with their knees bent and legs apart. Please encourage them to take deep, slow breaths throughout the experience.

You can practice inhaling their energy of arousal and exhaling their loving energy.

Massage the areas around the penis by lubricating and massaging them. Start by sliding your hands up the thighs, pubic bone, and perineum.

Gently massage the testicles. You can gently massage the testicles by pulling them slightly, rubbing them with your fingers, or putting your fingernails on them.

You can massage the shaft by changing your grip, stroke sequences, and twisting motions. Varietate from one to two hands and from slow to fast.

Do not let them reach their peak. You want to keep them on the edge of orgasm (also known as edging).

If they are comfortable, stimulate their sacred site, also known as the prostate.

Once they are ready, let your partner have an ejaculation orgasm.

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Yoni massage.

The yoni massage is about vulva-pleasuring and honoring.

Place the owner of the vulva on their back, with their knees bent and their feet on the ground.

Assist them in connecting with their breath.

To increase your arousal, warm up with a tantric breast or body massage.

Begin stimulating the clitoris by moving to the vulva. You can alternate between pushing, pulling, and circling, rolling, tapping, or G-spot massage.

Encourage your partner or friend to practice edging or to lean in for multiple orgasms.

Tantric breast massage.

Tantric breast massage or nipple massaging applies tantra principles to the breasts.

You can set the mood with incense, candles, or music that makes you and your partner feel seductive.

Please encourage them to pay attention to their breath and take deep, long breaths throughout the experience.

Douse oil between their breasts and over their belly.

To stimulate sexual energy, massaging your belly first before moving onto the breasts.

Use a feather-like touch to circle the breasts, and then go on to massaging them.

Please move to the nipples once their body is ready.

Massage their scalp, neck, and head as they approach orgasm. To create arousal throughout their entire body, have them rock their hips and undulate their spine. This will create waves of pleasure.

These are the essential facts about Tantric Massage. resTORbio hopes that you find this guide useful. We appreciate you taking the time to read this guide.

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