Maybelline Sky High Mascara Review: Best Things To Know

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024


If you're looking for a mascara that will give you sky-high lashes, the Maybelline Sky High mascara review is suitable for you. This mascara comes with a unique brush that separates and lengthens your lashes for a dramatic look. Please keep reading to know more about this product.

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Maybelline Sky High Overview

This mascara promises lightweight lashes without flaking or smudging. Maybelline Sky High is a mascara that emphasizes dramatic lashes with minimal clumping and volume. The Flex Tower mascara brush is designed to reach all lashes, even those at difficult angles.

Maybelline Sky High Overview

Maybelline Sky High is also suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. This product offers easy and clean removal at the end of the day.


  • Lengthening
  • Volumizing
  • Affordable


  • Some people report some clumpiness.
  • It is more difficult to remove layers that you have applied

Ingredients of Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Ingredient name what-it-does
Aqua/Water/Eau solvent
Propylene Glycol moisturizer
Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer
Cera Alba/Beeswax/Cire Dabeille emollient, viscosity controlling, emulsifying, perfuming
Synthetic Fluorphlogopite viscosity controlling
Glyceryl Stearate emollient, emulsifying
Cetyl Alcohol emollient, viscosity controlling
PEG-200 Glyceryl Stearate surfactant/​cleansing

About my My Lashes - Curly With An Average Length

While I would love my lashes to be longer and thicker I am happy with the length and curl of my lashes. Since I was a teenager, I have been a big mascara fan. I've tried many products and know what I want.

My lashes should look full and defined. Ilia Beauty mascara is my favorite. It combs my lashes well, giving them great length, volume, and definition without clumping.

How To Apply Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Layer your lashes until you achieve the desired look

Mascaras can be very simple to use unless you have a unique formula or applicator. Comb the formula along your lashes, and then continue to do so until you are happy with the results.

Maybelline's Mascara Brush is flexible and features separated defined teeth. This makes it easy to apply. Because I love volume and definition, my mascara brush was wiggled back and forth as I applied the mascara to my lashes.

The Results with Maybelline Sky High Mascara

Long, Defined Eyelashes

After applying several coats with Maybelline's Sky High mascara, my lashes looked great. They were defined and separated and had tons of volume and length.

They were also full without looking clumpy, brittle, or sloppy. I love mascaras that give my eyes a healthy look. To test the formula on lashes with mascara already on, I applied additional layers of mascara several hours after my first application.

It was amazing that I could add more products with no flaking. Like many other Maybelline mascaras, Sky High will work and make your lashes look amazing. However, I wasn't a fan.

This mascara is not my favorite. It's a slow application and the way it looks. The wand didn't work because I prefer my lashes full and thick. This product might be better suited to someone who doesn’t require much drama. I tried five coats.

My lashes looked great, but it took me too long to apply mascara compared to other products. The wand was too soft and wobbly to my liking. Maybelline describes the Sky High Mascara Brush as having an "Exclusive Flash Tech", which means it bends easily to coat each lash.

It's easier to apply mascara when my teeth and mascara wands are more firm. I can also wiggle the brush around to add volume and drama.

You can spend as much time on your lashes as you like, but you may enjoy this product if you are okay with a bendier applicator than traditional mascara wands. The results are excellent.

The Results

It Is An All-in-one Product - Maybelline Sky High Mascara

It was not something I liked the first time I tried it. It was unbelievable that this mascara lived up to all the online hype. The formula was so wet that I had super clumpy eyes after trying it. They were so full of product that it was almost impossible to feel the drooping.

It Is A Very Fine Brush

The bristles are brittle, and plastic brushes make separating lashes and create a fuller look. My lashes hold onto the strands until my lashes touch my glasses.

It can also be curved to fit my eye shape to reach stubborn lashes at the outer edges of my lash lines.

It Appears Natural

This mascara makes my lashes look natural, almost like I have extensions. For a dramatic effect, I add more mascara.

The Value: Affordable

This product is easily accessible at most drugstores, making it affordable and reasonably priced. Sky High Mascara by Maybelline is only $12. It's a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Sky High is an excellent option for anyone trying other mascaras with different wand styles.

What other reviews Are Saying

The majority of reviews are for the 4-star rating. Customers praised the mascara's ability lengthening and volumizing properties. Many are also very satisfied with the product's price and its quality.

Here are some customer reviews about Maybelline Sky High Mascara.

"I had chemo four years ago, and my lashes were very thin. I buy mascara all the time for its fullness and length. I was able to grow my lashes so long with this mascara. My husband even noticed!" - Dana, Amazon.

"New ride or die! This mascara is almost identical to the thrive mascara, but I think this one looks better. Maybelline always has the best mascaras Highly recommended!" -Jill on Amazon.

"Probably my favorite drugstore mascara, beating Lash Paradise. It is my favorite mascara. It applies easily, and one coat is sufficient (pictured with two). It has a bouncy applicator which makes product transfer to lashes so comfortable and well." -Katie on Amazon.

The wand makes this product. I will never use another mascara." -Nat on Ulta.

What Customers Are Saying

Similar Products: There Are Many Options

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Benefit Cosmetics "They’re Real!" Longing Mascara. I have to give the ultimate praise to Benefit Cosmetics for their "They’re Real!" (26). The thick bristles of the wand effortlessly comb through thick lashes. This gives them incredible volume, length, and separation.


Is The Maybelline Sky High Mascara Worth It?

Sky High is 100% worth it. It is versatile, buildable, and virtually void of clumps - all you want in a mascara. It looks great when used sparingly. I can layer it up to my heart's content. It's only PS9.99, which is a great price.

Why Is Maybelline Sky High Mascara So Beloved?

Maybelline claims that the Sky High line will volumize and lengthen lashes without adding weight. Social media stars have claimed that the formula contains bamboo extract and fibers, which help achieve "limitless length" from all angles.

Is Sky High Mascara A Tubing Mascara?

The mascara has a tubing formula. (For future reference, if you need to check if your mascara tubing, be sure to look for the ingredient Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer). It's also a very dark formula. It is not too thick or sticky. It covers the lashes very well.

Are Sensitive Eyes Good For Sky High Mascara?

This viral mascara adds volume to your lashes and gives you an unending length that doesn't flake or smudge. Allergy tested and approved by an ophthalmologist. This product is suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.


You can give Maybelline's Sky High mascara a shot if you look for a new affordable mascara. It's one of the more affordable options on the market, but it still comes with a wide range of benefits.

One benefit that people will love is that this mascara doesn't clump or flake. It helps to create long-lasting volume and length without looking overly dramatic. We hope you love this product as much as we do, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!