How To Manually Reset Massage Chair?

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024

How To Reset Massage Chair

How To Reset Massage Chair? Read on resTORbio's guide below to find out the way to reset your massage chair.

A massage chair is a great investment. However, one must learn how to set it up properly if they want to keep it. A full-body massage chair can be a better option than visiting the spa every time you want one. It's not feasible to visit the spa or wellness center every single day.

Although it may seem simple to keep a massage chair at home, the owner must understand how to maintain them properly. This may involve resetting them from time to time. It is not furniture you can throw in the corner.

How To Reset Massage Chair

How do you reset a massage chair

Factory Reset of Massage Chairs

To proceed, turn off the massage chair. Turn the chair off and grab the power, remote, or kneading buttons. This process should take between 5-10 seconds. The remote screen of most massage chairs will have an error message to the right. The chair will also vibrate slightly.

This is an indicator that the previous massage section history has been removed. This is not a common feature for all massage chair brands. Some chairs have a switch that can be used to turn the chair off. During this time, the chair should not be used.

Problems with Massage Chairs

The Body Temperature of the Massage Chair has been Increased.

You might notice a rise in the temperature of your massage chair. This could be due to jammed-up settings. You can reset your chair pad to clear out all faulty settings and then start over.

Timer stops working

An important component of a massage chair is the automatic timer. If the timer is not working, the user will not know how long it has been. Although the time does not affect the internal massage mechanism, it is an important issue for those using the chair. You might be able to reset your chair to restore the auto-timer.

Massage Chair Making Noise

Your device may suddenly start making louder sounds. There are many possibilities. You could have a problem with your air compressors or a faulty motor.

Professional help is recommended if the problem is more serious. Before calling a technician, however, you can reset your chair to the factory settings. This will usually resolve the problem.

Massage Features Not Responding

You can reset your massage chair if you find that certain features of your massage chair aren't working properly. There might be an error in your settings if the massage rollers don't go as deep as they should. You should reset your device once the LCD monitor does not turn on or the airbags do not get compressed.

Massaging Chair abruptly stops.

If your massage chair stops working abruptly, you should reset it. Some personal setting has likely gone haywire. For a thorough checkup on your device, call a technician if the problem persists.

These issues can be solved by resetting the massage chair.

Repair of parts

While you can repair parts of your massage chair, not all parts. The chair won't work if you fix all of the parts. It takes a lot of work to repair your chair. The following parts can be repaired:

  • Remote Control
  • The heating system and pads
  • Electric Motor
  • Cord

It will eventually become damaged if it is used for long periods. To get your machine back to normal, you will need to do the necessary repairs.

Or buying a new massage chair maybe the best choice.

Adjusting The Massage Chair without Remote

These are some of the issues you might encounter when using a massage chair. We can solve these issues.

Sometimes your remote stops working. In this instance, you need to make sure your cable is connected. Most remote controls now come with an LED light. Sometimes, the LED light does not respond. The LED light can be repaired.

Sometimes, the rollers don't stay aligned. This is not a problem. This is how the manufacturers designed the chair.

Sometimes the rolling and striking action of the rollers can produce noise. You might think that my design is flawed. This is not true; the massage chair was designed so that it is easy to use.

Sometimes, the wire from the massage chair may be burned. The ends of the wire can be joined with an insulating substance. Sometimes, it is necessary to purchase a new wire. If repair is impossible, this will be necessary.

Turn off your chair immediately if it makes unusual noises. The motor of your chair must be checked. The motor of a massage chair should make a grinding sound. There may be other issues if the motor does not make a grinding sound. The air pump can be checked, and the chair may need to be re-tuned. These are some things you can do to reduce noise.

If your massage isn't getting the proper heat, it could be because the heating pad on the massage chair isn't working. This is a serious problem. A specialist in massage chairs should address this problem.

The heating element is crucial in a massage chair. Heating helps to relieve stress and pain. It relaxes the body and restores normal brain function. If this feature is not present in your chair, you should contact an expert. The same problem applies to portable chairs.

A second problem is improper switching on and off. The power cord will be cut if the massage chair isn't switched on or off correctly. The second problem is that the massage chairs are not receiving enough power. You should check the power supply if this happens.

If the power cord has become damaged, you will need to replace it. You should not run the massage chair at low power. It is expensive.

How Can I Reset My OSIM Massage Chair?

  • To access the main menu, press the ON/OFF button on your remote control.
  • Use the arrow button to select the Manual option.
  • Select OK to choose your massage option. Then, use the up-and-down buttons.
  • Manual massage should be used immediately.


How to reset Panasonic massage chair

  • Approximately 5 seconds are required for program termination after a massage finishes. Wait at least 5 seconds once all movement has stopped before pressing the power button.


How to reset Osaki massage chair

  • Turn off product and unplug it.
  • Wait for 60mins
  • Plug product back and restart



FAQs about Resetting Massage Chair

Is It Possible To Repair The Massage Chair At Home?

You can take the chair back if the problem isn't serious (e.g., a defect in the cord or remote)

The Remote's Led Continues to Blink. What Should I do?

You could have a problem with the remote. It could also be a problem with the led. You can also contact the producer's manual.


If you're thinking about purchasing a massage chair, you should know how to reset it. You might need to resolve the most common problems on your own. You can solve the problem instantly.

You don't have to repair the most important ones, or you could lose your chair forever. It is expensive to purchase a massage chair, so you need to take extra care of it. Get rid of stress and tension forever with your chair.