How To Make Slime With Toothpaste And Body Wash?

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024

How To Make Slime With Toothpaste And Body Wash

Making slime is a fun and easy activity that can keep kids entertained for hours on end. In this guide, Restorbio will show you how to make slime with toothpaste and body wash. This recipe is simple, quick, and easy to follow.

I did also make slime with just shampoo!

How To Make Slime With Toothpaste And Body Wash?

Making slime with toothpaste and body wash is a simple and fun activity that you can do at home. Here's how to make it:


  • Toothpaste
  • Body wash
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Food coloring (optional)


  1. Squeeze some toothpaste into a bowl. You can use any brand or type of toothpaste, but gel toothpaste works best.
  2. Add some body wash to the bowl. Use a 1:1 ratio of toothpaste to body wash.
  3. Mix the toothpaste and body wash together with a spoon until they are well combined.
  4. If you want to add color to your slime, add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture and stir until the color is evenly distributed.
  5. Use your hands to knead the slime until it becomes smooth and stretchy.

Note: The amount of toothpaste and body wash you use will depend on how much slime you want to make. You can also experiment with different brands and types of toothpaste and body wash to create different textures and consistencies.

Method 1: Making Basic Slime

Making DIY Basic Slime

Put a small amount of thick shampoo in a small bowl. Make sure to choose a shampoo that has a thick consistency. A shampoo that is opaque or white would be even better. Two squeezes or approximately 2 tablespoons (30ml) of shampoo should be placed in a small dish.

  • Consider adding 1 to 2 drops of food coloring to shampoo if it is not already white.
Add a little toothpaste

Add a little toothpaste. Opaque toothpaste (white, mint, or striped) is the best. You should use a quarter of the toothpaste that you used for shampoo. One teaspoon will suffice.

  • Colgate toothpaste is the most effective, but there are other brands that work well.

Mix the two with a toothpick. The shampoo and toothpaste will combine to make a thick paste. This process will take approximately a minute.

  • You can use a small tool, such as a stick of gum or a spoon if you don't own a toothpick.

Continue to mix the shampoo and toothpaste. Add more shampoo if the slime becomes too sticky. Add more toothpaste if the slime is too sticky. Continue to stir the slime for a minute or until it becomes uniform in color and texture.

  • There are many ways to make slime. It all depends on your personal preference.
  • Do not worry if it feels a bit too sticky at this stage. It is still necessary to freeze the slime, which will help it firm up.

The slime should be frozen for between 10 and 60 minutes. After 10 minutes, check the slime. The slime should feel firm but not like ice. You can freeze the slime for 50 minutes if it is still too soft.

Knead the slime to soften it again. Then, take the slime from the freezer. Roll the slime between your hands until it is soft and squishy.

  • The slime will not return to its original texture after being frozen.

You can play with the slime. The slime is thick and almost feels like putty. It is easy to squish, squeeze and stretch. You can put it in a small plastic container with a lid after you're done with it.

  • The slime will eventually dry out, so don't throw it away if it gets too hard.

Method 2: Making Monster Snot

Making Monster Snot

In a small bowl, add the 2-in-1 shampoo. This shampoo is thicker than other types, and it's perfect for making monster snot. The shampoo should be used in a single to two-ounce amount.

  • Sauve Kids is a famous brand that works well, but there are other brands you could try.

Use opaque toothpaste to make your mouth feel clean—half the amount of toothpaste you use for shampoo. Use less toothpaste if you want your monster snotty to look slimmer.

  • There are many kinds of toothpaste you can use, but Colegate toothpaste seems to be the most effective.

Mix everything with a toothpick. A popsicle stick, small spoon, or even a toothpick can be used to stir the mixture together. Continue stirring until the toothpaste and shampoo combine to form a sticky, snotty slime. This process will take approximately a minute.

  • It would be best if you changed directions frequently. Mix it up a few times and then switch sides.

If necessary, adjust the consistency. Add more toothpaste if the monster snot is not too thick. Add more shampoo if the snot isn't slimy enough. Make sure to mix the snot thoroughly after adding any shampoo or other products. It should take no more than a minute.

  • Begin with a small amount of toothpaste and then a tiny amount of shampoo.

You can play with the slime. This slime is the type that clumps together. It's sticky and icky, just like monster snot. Once you're done with it, please place it in a small plastic container with a tight-fitting cover.

  • The slime will eventually harden. Throw it out when that happens and start a new batch.

Method 3: Making Salt Slime

Making Basic Slime

Take a small amount of shampoo and squeeze it into a small dish. For now, you will only need to squeeze the shampoo into a small dish. Although you can use any shampoo, a thick, white shampoo works best.

  • Use white shampoo to create colored slime. Add 1 to 2 drops of food coloring.

Use toothpaste. You should use about one-third of the toothpaste you used for shampoo. Any type of toothpaste can be used. The most popular toothpaste for slime is opaque, but gel toothpaste works well.

  • Don't worry about how much you have. You can always add more of one ingredient to achieve your desired consistency.

Combine the slime ingredients until they are well combined. This can be done with a toothpick or popsicle stick. Continue mixing until you get a uniform color and texture. It doesn't have to look slimy yet.

Stir in a pinch of salt. Continue stirring until shampoo, toothpaste, salt, and water form a thick paste. This should take approximately a minute. The mixture will look slimmer by now.

  • Salt is the secret ingredient that transforms toothpaste and shampoo into slime. If you can, use plain table salt. It won't work well with chunky rock salt.

As you stir, adjust the consistency. Continue to stir the slime by adding shampoo, toothpaste, or salt. When it begins to pull away from the sides of the container, it is ready.

  • Making slime is not a science. You can tweak the ingredients to get the right texture.

You can play with the slime. The slime is thick but not too fluffy. You can squish the slime, then knead and stretch it. You can put it in a small, clear plastic container with a lid when you are done playing with it.

  • You can toss the slime out and start a new batch when it dries out.


Slime is a popular go-to for fun with kids, but store-bought slime can get expensive. Luckily, it's easy to make your own slime at home with a few simple ingredients like toothpaste and body wash. Hope that this article can help you simply make slime for your kids.