How Much To Tip Massage Therapist at Spa

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How Much To Tip Massage Therapist

While it is polite to express gratitude to a salon worker for their help, it shouldn't be a matter of words. For helping you look your best, it's polite to tip staff and owners of salons.

While the quality of care may determine how much you tip, it is good manners to tip after each appointment and around holidays. But How much to tip massage therapist? Learn more in the resTORbio's guide below.

Do you tip a massage therapist at a spa?

Gratuity is an integral part of the spa experience, and it’s important to show your massage therapist that you appreciate their hard work and expertise. Whether you’re at a high-end resort spa or a low-budget spa, it’s always courteous to show your gratitude with a tip.

It should be noted that the exact amount you choose to tip should not be based on the cost of the massage, but rather on the quality of the service. When you’re wondering how much to tip, a general guideline for a standard massage is $10-15 for about an hour of service. If you’ve had a more specialized massage, such as a hot stone massage or sports massage, you may want to tip a bit more.

If you’ve had an absolutely excellent massage and feel that your therapist has gone above and beyond to ensure your comfort and relaxation, it’s perfectly acceptable to tip slightly more than the standard amount. You certainly don’t want to break the bank or feel like the tip is mandatory, but a generous amount will certainly be appreciated by your massage therapist.

How much do you tip for a 60 minute massage?

Many people tip massage therapists because they believe they are making good money. However, the truth is that most massage therapists make less than the monthly salary they receive from massage studios.

Many massage businesses employ multiple therapists and follow the 25/75 rule. This means that 25% goes to the therapist, and 75% goes to the business. A masse therapist can earn $15 an hour if the studio rate for massage is $60/hr.

A masseur/masseuse might make between $100 and $150 per client, which means that after adding taxes, the daily income is very low. Tips for therapists are important because they make them more successful.

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How Much To Tip Spa Massage Therapist and When?

How Much To Tip Massage and when

Many people would argue that tipping rates are influenced by your perception of the quality of service received and the price paid. We'll explain below that there are generally accepted hospitality rates. Clients are more likely to wait until the final bill is paid before tipping. This usually happens after the massage has ended.

General Hospitality Rate

To properly tip their massage therapist, most customers use the general hotel rate. Based on the total bill, this means that you should tip an additional 15-20 percent. This general hospitality rate applies to all service industries in the west, particularly in North America. It's like tipping waitstaff at your favorite restaurant.

Services Rendered

Some clients tip based on performance instead of the standard hospitality rule. If you feel your masseuse delivered a great experience, tip more than the usual 15 to 20%. If you are a regular client of the same professional and are happy with their service, you can tip generously.

What Is The Best Tip For A Private Message?

The standard tip for a private masseuse is 15 to 20% of the total bill, just like the general hospitality rate. If in doubt, ask your masseuse!

Use Your Judgment

You don't have to tip if you are unhappy with a massage. We recommend speaking to the manager or masseuse about your feelings. Although it may seem awkward to share your feelings, they can help the massage parlor improve its practices.

Extra Add-Ons

We are committed to meeting every request at Le Penthouse. This could include an erotic show or a four-handed massage. Reservations are required in advance. Sensual massages are a specialty that our professionals take seriously.

To make sure we can accommodate your request for a particular masseuse, please call us before you book. We are happy to accommodate your requests.

Different Room Options

Three types of rooms are available to accommodate your needs. Some clients like to spend some time with their massage therapists before they start the service. The Regular room is the first, which includes a massage table and a shower.

It also has a towel, water bottle, and sanitizing oil. The Classic has all the basic amenities plus a futon. The VIP comes with everything, plus a large shower, futon, and whirlpool tub. We recommend the VIP if you want to relax and spend quality time with a beautiful lady.

Do You Have to Tip the Salon or Spa Owner?

If the salon or spa owner is not performing the service, it is unnecessary to tip them. If you have the means to tip the owner and feel particularly satisfied with the service provided by the salon or spa, it is up to you.

How Much Should You Tip if Your Massage was not Satisfactory?

Massage Therapists need to be skilled in various techniques to provide a massage that is tailored to their client's needs.

Sometimes therapists are inexperienced and new. This can lead to mistakes and a poor experience. This can be avoided by communicating with your massage therapist. Let them know what you are looking for and how much pressure you prefer.

If you have a bad experience or don't like the massage, the question of how much should I tip the massage therapist? is a common confusion. You don't have to tip.

You are expected to tip for the services you like and the ones that make you feel satisfied. If a masseur/masseuse is not providing the relaxation you were looking for, let your therapist know and tell them that you will not be tipping them.

Why Is It Ethical To Pay Tips To Massage Therapists?

Why is it ethical to pay tips to massage therapists

We mentioned earlier that many massage therapists are underpaid and find it difficult to make ends meet due to their low income. These therapists work more than 25 hours per week because it is physically taxing on the body, which is still a lot.

To be a masseur/masseuse, you must complete intensive training. A masseur/masseuse must also pass an exam to be licensed in most countries. The license has to be renewed every few years.

A massage is not only relaxing and healthy but can also be used to solve stress and anxiety.

Tipping a massager is an ethical act and a good deed. Now you know the answer to your question about how much you tip a massage therapist.

FAQs on Massage Tipping

How Much Do You Tip For A 60-minute Massage?

For massage tipping, the standard hospitality rate is 20%. A $20 tip is appropriate for a $100 massage or other body treatment.


Is It Considered Rude Not To Tip A Massage Therapist?

There are no set guidelines on how much you should tip your massager. You should always ask before you go to a spa. Some spas do not have tipping policies. However, 15-20% of the entire amount is a good tip.


Do You Tip Massage Therapists Who Work For Themselves?

You don't have to tip if you get a massage from someone self-employed or a therapist who does not work for a company owner or business. Although it is appreciated and often necessary, this tip is not mandatory.


Is It Okay To Sleep While Undergoing A Massage?

It is perfectly normal to fall asleep during massage sessions, as any massage therapist will confirm. It is a normal and healthy reaction to a highly relaxing stimulus.



While a generous tip is always appreciated, therapists also appreciate it when you tell them how much they made you feel. It can be difficult to give a massage, and everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work. Refer friends to a therapist who has provided a great experience and let them know you will pass their name on.