Is Glossier Futuredew Worth it?

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Looking for a product to give you a dewy glow? Glossier Futuredew review might be the answer! This liquid highlighter comes in two shades and can be used on your face or body. This serum is designed to give you a youthful glow, and many users report seeing results after using it. Read our review to find out if it's worth the hype.

Futuredew Glossier Review

Ingredients: Many oils

Although the ingredients are good for me, your skin type will determine how it affects your skin. Evodia rutaecarpa Extract is a fruit extract meant to increase the skin's brightness.

This product gets my thumbs up. There is also a mixture of grape seed, evening primrose, rosehip, and jojoba oils. The combination of tons of oils, including castor, olive, jojoba, and castor, will provide moisture for dry skin types.

If you are more susceptible to breakouts, you might want to test it out before you commit to using it in your daily routine.

The Feel: Donut glaze

Its texture was the first thing that I noticed about this formula. It's a hybrid, which means it's not an oil or a serum. Instead, it's more like a melted jelly, glaze, or glaze with light-reflecting minerals.

It is thicker than oil or serum, slightly tacky (that's how the dew comes), and glossier pink. I love that it isn't scented.

The Results: A Dew That Doesn’t Dry Down

I applied one pump of the cream between my fingers and massaged it into my skin. It was slightly damp, as Weiss instructed. It does glow, I swear. It created a nice sheen on my face, so I added a little more to the high points (cheekbones and brow bone).

Despite its glaze texture, it feels light and doesn't dry out. However, it doesn't feel sticky or gooey. My skin looked great. After using the product a few times, I decided to use it to enhance my skin's natural beauty. You can also use it as a primer for improving my foundation's glow.

The Value: It's All About The Little Things

Glossier is known for launching products at affordable prices. This product is no exception. It's a great facial oil. Many others have prices as high as $70. It's still affordable if you use it as a primer and highlighter.

It lasts forever because of its texture and finishes. You only need a little to get the full effect.

Futuredew Glossier Review

Easy to Use

I love the ease of this product, especially for someone with limited experience using serums. Although I don't follow a strict skincare routine, Futuredew was very easy to use and didn't take too much time.

How To Apply

I was initially skeptical. It can appear a little too oily at first, but this is just my opinion as a woman who uses no products. The serum sticks well to the skin, so it doesn't evaporate as much.

I used my Pat McGrath foundation to pair it with makeup to cover my red spots. It was great to be pleasantly surprised that it didn't have the oiliness I feel when I pair other products together.

Expected Duration

I was able to get used to the dewiness after a few days. I even looked forward to applying my little pumps each morning. It was surprising that my skin looked so dewy even after spending a whole day at work. The oil also kept my skin feeling fresh throughout the night.

Long-term effects: My skin was hot and irritated the day after trying Futuredew. A few pimples appeared on my skin. It was like a mosquito had bitten me.

After a few days, my redness subsided, and I began to look less like an actual vampire. I will have to continue using the serum to see any long-lasting effects. Despite this, I am sold on the whole skincare routine after using one product.

Futuredew Can Be Layered With Other Skincare Products And Makeup.

Futuredew is compatible with Glossier products. The emollient texture of Futuredew means that almost all my foundations and concealers blend better on top.

There's also no annoying pilling. Futuredew has made me radiant since the first time I put it on, both under lightweight foundations and alone with a bit of concealer.

Glossier says Futuredew should not be used as a final step in your skincare routine or makeup application. After any SPF or serums, it should be applied. It's best to let my sunscreen sink in for a few minutes before using Futuredew.

Futuredew: How To Get The Best Out Of Each Bottle

Glossier's new packaging is another highlight. It comes in a pump bottle, which means there's no waste product. Although the brand suggests two pumps to cover your entire face, I usually use one pump and concentrate it on my cheekbones and the center of my forehead.

To bring the shine down in these areas, I apply a little bit of setting powder to the T-zone. I focus on my nose, chin, and cheekbones.

5 Women Try Glossier’s Dewy Serum

Aude White, Senior Communication Manager

I was ready to write a negative review because I used it many times on my face and felt the same every time.

My dewy serum was an excellent choice for dinner. A friend suggested that I wear it to dinner. So, I've rewritten my conclusion about this product. I now believe that it works.

Futuredew Glossier Review-Aude White

Sarah Spellings, Fashion Writer

The classic Glossier product is a mix of serum and highlighter. This product is designed for people who don’t use much makeup. It was confusing at first.

Although the label suggests that it should be used as the final step in your skin-care regimen, I could not decide whether to apply it before or after sunscreen. It worked well after sunscreen, so I tried both.

To be truthful, I didn’t notice any glow. The highlighter seems unnecessary. My skin felt soft and bouncy after the serum. It would be a great serum if it were just that! It confuses me when I use it as a highlighter. It might be visible to others, but the wattage must be below.

Futuredew Glossier Review-Sarah Spellings

Erica Smith, Beauty Writer

Futuredew calls itself an "oil-serum hybrid," but it doesn’t feel oily nor serum. It sticks more than either, almost like a slightly tacky, melted version of Glamglow Glowstarter.

Although the instructions suggest two pumps, I could not bring myself to apply them all over my face. However, it does make a fantastic targeted highlighter.

A single pump went a long distance on my cheekbones. The instant glow it created was a sun-on-your face highlight with no shimmer, glitter, or sparkle. It even worked well in the cloudy conditions that I took this picture.

This is an excellent product for selfies, but it's not something I would want to do in real life. Although the "damp" look lasted most of the day, it remained on my cheeks for the majority of the day. This would be a great item to have in your makeup bag, but not next to your serums.

Futuredew Glossier Review-Erica Smith

Diana Tsui, Senior Market Editor

Products that claim to do more than one thing are highly suspect. Shampoo and conditioner in one? It leaves my hair dry and greasy. This stuff was not what I expected. It smelled nice and calm -- I love lavender.

The color was a little too bright for my liking. It was iridescent, in the same color as the early-aughts holographic pleather shoes. It would look like this if ASMR slime were skincare.

It is an excellent formulation. My skin felt soft and hydrated after it was absorbed. It was an ideal base for makeup. It didn't have any highlighting properties. I only noticed a slight shimmer after I applied my foundation.

This might be your go-to glow level if you don't use makeup. But I needed more. To complement the serum, I ended up dotting my favorite highlighter onto my cheeks.

Although I will probably finish the bottle, it was enjoyable enough. However, I think my doubts about the efficacy and effectiveness of two-for-1 products are justified.

Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz, Senior Writer

This serum was applied before I went to bed. It was supposed to be the same texture as normal face oils, but it turned out to be a shimmery beige oil. It lasted me the night, and I didn't get a breakout. However, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who sleeps at night.

However, this sparkle looks excellent when worn under makeup. It looks great on my skin throughout the day. My skin is dewy and not oily. It does last the entire day, as promised.

However, I remain skeptical about skin-care products being used as makeup twice, especially if they are adding unnecessary ingredients.


It will be kept in the cabinet for future uses and when we want to glow. It's more of an aesthetic product than a product for skincare purposes. It acts as a moisturizing highlighter without the shimmer. For more on the topic of Glossier, be sure to check out our Glossier review for more details.