52 Feather Cut Hairstyles For Ladies 2024

by Shopify API on Jul 06, 2024

Feather Cut Hairstyles For Women

If you're looking for a new hairstyle that will give you a fresh look, consider a feather cut.

Feather cut hairstyles are flattering for all face shapes and hair types, and they can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether you want a simple, natural look or something more glam, a feather cut is a great option.

Let's be with resTORbio to get more feather haircuts for timeless beauty.

What is a Feather Haircut?

The 1970s saw feathered hairstyles become very popular among both men and women. Feathered hair looks almost like bird feathers and is the result of layers. It can either have a side part or a center part. The look was popularized by Farrah Fawcett, Charlie's Angels actress.

Feathered hair works on all hair types, from curly to straight to curly to long. It can be feathered as long as it is finely textured and layered.

Step Cut vs Layer Cut vs Feather Cut

There are similarities between feather, layer, and step cuts, but there are also factors that make them different.

Layer cutting involves cutting your hair at different lengths. This style gives you more volume and a shorter drying time.

Layers are a feature of feather haircuts, as we have already mentioned. It is not just about layers. Feathering is a hairstylist's technique to add texture to your hair and shape the ends of your locks. They hold the scissors at a 90-degree angle to the hair and then cut in a V shape. This creates the feather effect.

A step cut is different from a layer in how the hair blends. The step cut is more fluid than a layer cut and allows for more hair "steps". Layer cuts have the feathered ends blended, creating a subtler style.

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Inspirational Feathered Hairstyles to Select From

We love the new styles of feathered hair, which have come a long way since the 1970s. These perfectly feathered hairstyles are great for updating a classic style!

Top Rated 52 Best Feather Cut Hairstyles

1. Medium Cut with Light Layers

Medium Cut with Light Layers

Do you want a style that is both soft and sleek? This step cut is the perfect way to achieve this look. The layers are great for short hair. They create a feather effect and curl out at the ends.

2. Soft, flip-worthy waves

Soft, flip-worthy waves

Do you want texture and bounce? This soft flip is perfect for naturally curly hair. The smooth yet detailed look will not change no matter how your hair is styled.

3. Long, Textured Hair

Long, Textured Hair

This shaggy haircut is excellent for keeping your hair manageable. This texture works best when it's messy. The feathered layers soften the style.

4. Short Feathered haircut

Short Feathered haircut

The classic bob has a feathered side fringe that makes hair look fuller. This is great for those with fine hair. The layers of bangs create a flow in the front while driving the back to appear thicker and fuller.

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5. Choppy Layers With Lowlights

Choppy Layers With Lowlights

Do you want to add thickness to your hair? This is the cut you need. Thanks to the choppy layers and shadowy color, this cut has a beautiful texture. Side-swept layers such as this can make your hair appear thicker and accentuate the lowlights.

6. Feathered Layered hair

Feathered Layered hair

This retro, layered style inspired by the 70s will make everyone crazy. This style is perfect for any face shape and will lighten thick hair. For a more sassy look, ask your stylist to trim thick sections of hair on the front. Curl the ends slightly to give your style somebody.

7. Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers

Stacked Bob with Feathered Layers

Another example of well-done feathered and short hair is this stacked bob. Some bobs can be pretty sharp. However, feathering can lighten a cut that could otherwise seem harsh. This cut creates a fun look with some bounce.

8. Medium-Length Feathered Hair

Medium-Length Feathered Hair

Make an appointment now to have this stunning straight bob done by your stylist with feathered layers, face-framing highlights and a gorgeous bob cut. This cut is easy to style and can be worn with any outfit.

9. Neck-Length Layered Bob

Neck-Length Layered Bob

The above-the-shoulder, feathered styles are excellent for women with short hair. They naturally have more volume and height. This layered style is effortless to maintain.

10. Rose Gold Feathered Bobby

Rose Gold Feathered Bobby

You can glam up your medium-length hair with a feather effect for a stunning look. You can achieve a salon-like look by using a little texturizing spray on your hair and blow-drying it with a round brush.

11. Gorgeous Brunette Feathered hairstyle

Gorgeous Brunette Feathered hairstyle

This trendy flipped-up feathered cut is great for adding movement to long hair. To make styling your hair easier at home, ask your hairdresser to add feathers in layers.

12. Inspired Layers from the '70s

Inspired Layers from the '70s

Layering your hair in a medium length will take your style to the next level. You can do balayage or front highlights to show off your layers' feathery texture and give the illusion of volume.

13. Midi Shag with Face-Framing Highlights

Midi Shag with Face-Framing Highlights

This mid-length, razored shaggy haircut with trendy blonde underlayer adds rock vibes to your everyday style. This feather style is best for thin to medium-textured hair. However, thick hair may look slightly bulky due to the layered styling.

14. Short Feathered hair

Short Feathered hair

The feathered, jaw-length bob is full of volume and fullness due to the crisp layers around the crown. Side-swept bangs add dramatic effect. This is a great choice for anyone looking to thicken their fine hair.

15. Short Layered Pixie Bob

Short Layered Pixie Bob

Women often choose easy-to-manage styles that look great as their hair grows out. The layered haircut is lightweight and adds volume to thin hair.

16. Voluminous Feathered Lob and Bangs

Voluminous Feathered Lob and Bangs

This glamorous hairstyle combines a trendy layered haircut and feathered bangs. This hairstyle is fashionable for women with blue eyes and blonde hair.

17. Long, flowing, and feathered hairstyle

Long, flowing, and feathered hairstyle

This style is so light and airy with curled framing layers. Your shiny blonde hair will look more defined and multilayered when styled with a large, round brush. You can be sure that people will notice your long, feathered hair.

18. A Feathered Shag to Straighten Thick Hair

A Feathered Shag to Straighten Thick Hair

This stunning feathered shag will turn heads. With multiple layers of feathered hair and side bangs, it's easy to create a feminine and flirty look. A sand blonde hair color perfectly balances this shaggy cut.

19. Long Wispy Feathered Shag

Long Wispy Feathered Shag

This messy, feathered hairstyle will grab everyone's attention. For a rocker look, pair your front bangs with shorter layers. Razored layers add lift to thin hair.

20. Light Brown Pixie With Long Layers

Light Brown Pixie With Long Layers

You can take the plunge and style your fine hair with a short, feathered cut. This will highlight your best features and soften the rather masculine look.

21. Wavy Pixie Cut with Undercut

Wavy Pixie Cut with Undercut

We love the variety of hairstyles that wavy hair can offer. Do you want to try new styles? You can try a wavy, pixie cut with an undercut. It is super chic, stylish, and refreshing.

22. Voluminous Pixie

Voluminous Pixie

An excellent way to highlight the best features of your face is with a voluminous pixie cut. It can be messy, but it can add a unique vibe to your entire look. Are you looking for a hairstyle that is this?

23. Side Parted Straight Pixie Haircut

Side Parted Straight Pixie Haircut

Some girls are not ready to part their hair, even if it's short. We have the perfect pixie cut for you if you're one of these girls. The side-parting straight pixie cut with sharp layers will give your hair a voluminous, bouncy look.

24. Soft Bob with Flipped Ends

Soft Bob with Flipped Ends

If you want a more detailed and textured look, ask your stylist to do a complete flip of your hair. This technique is best suited for short hair. They create flirty, bouncy layers that can flatter any hair texture.

25. Two-Tone Feathered Haircut

Two-Tone Feathered Haircut

A creative combination of colors can make your sharp, edgy layers stand out. People who like to switch between trends will love the idea of two-toned, popularized on Instagram and Pinterest. You can get countless compliments by choosing two colors and spreading them on top and bottom layers.

26. Side Parted Tousled Bob

Side Parted Tousled Bob

A side part is an excellent way to make bob hair look messy. This styling technique enhances the beauty and luster of feathers. You can also experiment with different coloring techniques. Balayage hair is a great way to increase the charm.

27. Stacked Pastel-Pink Bob and Feathered Locks

Stacked Pastel-Pink Bob and Feathered Locks

Young women find it more satisfying to discover new ways to express themselves through their style. Consider adding a stacked pastel pink bob to your look this season! This style adds personality to any outfit with its playful color gradient and framing your face with feathered hair.

28. Deep Sided Blonde Bob in Face-Framing Feathers

Deep Sided Blonde Bob in Face-Framing Feathers

Many women search for new styles to combat the heat as the weather warms up. This fun, flirty blonde bob is great for summer. It features face-framing feathers, which add a fun, flirty touch. This style is great for summer, whether you're on the beach or running errands. This deep-sided bob is a great way to change up your look!

29. With Massive Bangs, a Short Feathered Pixie Cut

With Massive Bangs, a Short Feathered Pixie Cut

This trendy and fun style is great for all ages. This look is even more exciting with the addition of big bangs. It's also super easy to style and maintain. Keep your bangs trimmed and spray your feathers with hairspray.

30. Icy Silver Straight Lob

Icy Silver Straight Lob

Feathers don't have to be dramatic to enhance your natural hair flow and give your hair a well-shaped look. You can make your hair look more sophisticated by doing a slight flip at the ends. These ideas work best for straight hair. They give your hair the movement and lift it needs.

31. Feathered Hair with a Sweep-Away Fringe

Feathered Hair with a Sweep-Away Fringe

You can give your cut a feathery look by feathering your fringe and sweeping it away. A sweeping bang can highlight your feathered back hair, which falls naturally on your shoulders. This style is fun, modern, and voluminous.

32. Natural hair feathers for long hair

Natural hair feathers for long hair

Do you love natural looks? If you are looking for honest and balanced feathers, these are the ones to choose. The braids in this example are slightly shaped and have a more round structure. It looks like you just dried your hair.

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33. Razor-feathered haircut

Razor-feathered haircut

This haircut is a clear example of how feathering can be used for fine hair. The haircut features a layered look with sharp ends arranged with light bends to soften it. Jane Fonda has worn this style for many years.

34. Beachy Feathers Hair Style

Beachy Feathers Hair Style
The messy feathered haircut is similar, but the hair isn't as ruffled. It is styled with small waves, making it ideal for a day at the beach.

35. Classic Feather Haircut

Classic Feather Haircut
This modern version of the classic feather cut is called "The Modern Feather Haircut". This haircut has retro vibes. This haircut is elegant with its curtain-feathered fringes. This haircut is softened by the outward swirling effect of the longer ends.

36. Inward Swirling Feathered haircut

Inward Swirling Feathered haircut
This long, feathered bob is very elegant. This modern and refreshing version of the classic style is made with feathers. The elegant and trendy feathered side bangs feature inward-bending layers at each end.

37. Ruffled Feather Hairstyle for Short Hair

Ruffled Feather Hairstyle for Short Hair
A ruffled, feathered cut will take your short hair to the next level. This style will give your look the drama it needs.

38. Soft Feathered Bob for Black Women

Soft Feathered Bob for Black Women
Black women have always had feathered hairstyles on their radar. They have always been ahead in fashion, beauty, and style. This soft, feathered cut is easy to maintain and looks beautiful.

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39. Messy inward feathering hairstyle

Messy inward feathering hairstyle
White is the new hair color, and a messy, feathered cut is the hottest trend. This is a feathered cut for shoulder-length hair with extensive inward feathering. The bangs look polished, but their texture is rough. It creates a soft look.

40. Feather Haircut for Oval Face

Feather Haircut for Oval Face
This is an extended, feathered cut. The long, feathered side bangs frame the face. The front-facing layers of the hair are fanned in an outward twist towards the ends. This hairstyle works well for oval faces.

41. Chic Feathered Cut with Balayage

Chic Feathered Cut with Balayage

This chic, soft-curled feather cut is elegant and feminine. The balayage of brown and blonde enhances the feather's shape.

42. Feathered Bang Crop cut

Feathered Bang Crop cut

Bangs are a great way to express elegance. This feathered hairstyle is elegant because it has a sultry bob. It's both refreshing and sophisticated.

43. Blue Pixie Feathered hair

Blue Pixie Feathered hair

This colorful, feathered look is great for those who feel confident. This look is great for people with oval faces or olive skin. It gives you a youthful, rugged appearance.

44. Side-Swept Messy Shortcut

Side-Swept Messy Shortcut

Side-swept hairstyles are easy to maintain. You need to do your morning routine and let the layers beneath take care of the rest.

45. Airy Feathered Hairstyles

Airy Feathered Hairstyles

Feathers work well on both fine and thin hair—feather your hair to give it a more natural texture for a beachy look. You will notice a lighter, more feminine look to your hair.

46. Naturally-Colored Feather Haircut for Long Hair

Naturally-Colored Feather Haircut for Long Hair

You don't have to do a full-female haircut if you have long hair. This hairstyle is easy to style and can be worn throughout the day.

47. Extremely long, feathered hair

Extremely long, feathered hair

Long hair looks so romantic with flipped-up ends. Get your hairbrush and hairdryer to create this beautiful, simple, yet elegant look.

48. The classic 80s feathered hairstyle

The classic 80s feathered hairstyle

This feather haircut is for those who love the 80s vibe. You can achieve a windswept look by keeping your hair loose at the roots and layering it at the ends. This will give your hair an effortlessly tousled look.

49. Disheveled Feathered Pixie Bob

Disheveled Feathered Pixie Bob

When styling your bob, you don't have to focus on the hard edges or straight lines. Softer alternatives, such as the messy feathered bob, are also possible. It is easy to maintain, which is a plus.

50. Short Punk Pixie Feathered Hair

Short Punk Pixie Feathered Hair

This cut is excellent for thick hair. You can achieve a punk-like look by feigning your hair in a boyish way and shaving the sides above your ears.

51. Outward Feather Cut

Outward Feather Cut

The outward-feathered hairstyle will highlight your feminine features and facial shape. It also makes your hair look more full.

52. Daring Mohawk Style

Daring Mohawk Style

This cut is appealing to young people who don't want dull hair. A messy mohawk and short, feathered hair will always be a popular choice.

Wrap up

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your look or simply want to try something new, feather-cut hairstyles are definitely worth considering. This unique style can be achieved with either long or short hair and can be customized to suit your own personal taste.

Best of all, it’s a relatively easy style to maintain – so you can enjoy your new look without having to put in too much effort.