Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Red Hair? Top Full Guide

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|||What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Red Hair

You may be wondering: Can you use purple shampoo on red hair?. Purple shampoo can neutralize yellow tones to be used with any hair color.

It is important to remember that this product might not be sufficient to fix brassiness in red hair. A purple toner may also be required.

This article will explain how it can be used on red hair. To learn more, you can read the resTORbio article about purple shampoo.

What Is the Purpose of Purple Shampoo?

The original purpose of purple shampoo was to neutralize brassiness in blonde hair and bleach hair. Brassiness is a term that refers to unwelcome warm tones, which can appear when the hair color begins to fade.

How does purple shampoo work with blonde hair? This is because of color theory. It works by combining two colors that are opposite. They will cancel one another. Yellow is neutralized by purple because they are in opposite places on the color wheel.

What Is the Purpose of Purple Shampoo

Shampoo formulas contain crushed violet or purple pigments. These penetrate the cuticles and work to bring out the yellow hues. The brassy hair will turn into excellent blonde hair color. This results in vibrant hair color that is less frequent and requires more minor touch-ups.

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What will happen if I put purple shampoo on red hair?

Now, this is where it gets tricky - if you’re asking 'what will happen if I put purple shampoo on red hair?', the answer largely depends on the shade of your tresses. It’s usually safe to apply purple shampoo to naturally red or warm red hair, as the product will help to keep the colour vibrant and fresh. Generally, the purple shampoo won’t drastically change the colour, but it may make it a shade or two darker.

On the other hand, if your hair has been dyed red, using purple shampoo can have more dramatic results. The purple shampoo will absorb the yellow and orange tones, working to make the colour more vibrant. But, it could darken the colour so much that it appears more like a blackish brown - not what you bargained for at all!

Can You Use Purple Shampoo On Red Hair?

You can use purple shampoo to dye red hair. You might be wondering if it can fade your hair. It's safe.

This hair care product won't shrink your hair color. It will tone it. It can even neutralize yellow and orange tones that aren't desired when your red hair starts to fade.

Effects of Purple Shampoo to Red Hair

Get Rid of Unwanted Orange Pieces

Purple shampoo can remove unwanted orange strands as long as it follows the color wheel principles.

The purple pigments in shampoo are applied to the brassy strands to counteract the orange tones. This restores the red hue without affecting your dyed red.

Tone and Protect Red Hair From Fading

Purple shampoo can tone down red hair with colored hair molecules.

This is a clear yes to the question. Shampoo's pigments also lock the colors, which means that excessive chemicals won't affect your hair during recoloring sessions.

The purple pigments will work best with red hair. They will turn darker than the original color. After a few uses, the violet tint will spread evenly over the hair, restoring its beautiful appearance.

Purple shampoo is vital in the formula so make sure to test your hair for color reactions. This prevents your hair from turning violet pigments or acquiring an unnatural look.

Products can be used on hair that is not naturally red. This can give it a deeper shade of burgundy. The final result for dark red hair is a complete color that covers the roots. It can be used before and after coloring.

It will not lighten your red hair. This effect only works on the hair color.

This shampoo can be used on light-colored hair to remove color. The red color will return to its original hue if you combine the pigments with your haircare routine.

What Does Purple Shampoo Do to Red Hair

Red Hair Should Be Healthy and Vibrant

Purple shampoo can make red hair look softer after being washed several times. The effect is the exact opposite.

The purple pigments in shampoo enter your cuticles as you apply them. They will remain there even after you wash them off.

These pigments form a protective barrier around your hair that locks in the color once dry. This protects your hair and makes it last longer.

Purple shampoo can be used on red hair with blonde highlights. The highlights will become brassy over time. It can help to remove brassiness.

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How To Use Purple on Red Hair

You may now be curious about how to put purple shampoo to good use on your red hair. It's simple! If your hair needs some tinning, follow these steps.

Apply Your Shampoo

It is not necessary for red hair. However, if your hair starts to look brassy or your scalp becomes irritated, you may want to switch to purple shampoo.

Although shampooing is primarily about cleaning the scalp, it's essential that you fully cover your hair with a purple shampoo. This will ensure that the purple pigments are absorbed into all your hair.

Wait It Out

The wait time is another difference between regular shampoo and purple shampoo. It would help if you let it sit on your hair for at least a few minutes after applying it.

Apply Your Conditioner

Then, apply your conditioner. This conditioner will be applied to your hair just like your regular conditioner.

How To Use Purple on Red Hair

Wait It Out

Before you rinse, let the purple conditioner sit on your hair for at least five minutes. Follow the instructions for your purple conditioner to leave the formula on your hair for five minutes.

Repeat As Needed

The amount of brassiness in your hair will determine how often purple shampoo should be used. It will depend on which product you are using. Purple shampoos should be used only once per week. Others can be added to your routine several times weekly until you feel the brassiness has gone.

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What To Consider When Using Purple Shampoo On Red Hair

  • Purple shampoos can cause hair to turn blue if left on for too long. If you accidentally get blue hair locks for the subsequent two washes, switch to your regular shampoo.
  • After washing your hair, dry the towel and absorb any excess water. Wrap the towel around your shoulders and neck to prevent any staining. To preserve the color, we recommend that you let your hair air dry.

Other Color Shampoos To Use on Red Hair

Although it is best to stay clear of green shampoos, there are still options for red hair that use purple shampoos.

Three colors are suitable for redheads:

  • Red shampoo: This shampoo is best for red hair. It enhances red pigments and increases vibrancy. UV protection is also included in red shampoos.
  • Pink shampoo: Pink supports red hair colors because they are next to one another on the color wheel. This extra tint is best for red hair. Consult your stylist if you have red highlights, as the shampoo can alter the color of the hair.
  • Clear shampoo: This is the non-tinted version of color-treated shampoo. Because it retains the vibrancy of all red hair colors, this product is suitable for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Length Should I Let Purple Shampoo Stay In My Hair For?

Between 15 minutes and half an hour

What length should I let purple shampoo stay in my hair for

What Is The Efficacy of Purple Shampoo As A Toner?

It can be used to tone hair.

Is It Possible To Dye Your Hair Purple With Shampoo?

Only temporarily if you are dying purple.

What Should You Do If Your Hair is Already Dyed Purple?

It would help if you waited at least 72 hours. Purple shampoo should not be used if you see yellow or brassy tones.



Purple shampoo can neutralize yellow tones and is suitable for all hair colors. It is important to remember that it might not be sufficient to fix brassiness in red hair. A purple toner may also be necessary.

It can be used for red hair. A purple toner is recommended if you want to reduce the brassiness of red permanently. I hope this helps!