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by Shopify API on Oct 20, 2022

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As we grew old, we enclosed our toys into boxes and put them into four corners we visited sporadically. However, there are these toys that even people of age can play without them looking frivolous. One of those kinds of toys is Beyblade. Suppose you are a collector, trader, or someone who uses Beyblade to play in tournaments.

Then this article will help you find online stores to check and buy Beyblades, parts of it, and other tools you need to play with it. But before we proceed on checking the stores. Let us know more about Beyblades.

What is Beyblade?

Beigoma inspired Beyblade. Beigoma is a traditional spinning-top in Japan. Begioma uses a spiral seashell that needs to be filled with sand and enclosed using molten wax. They played it using a 60cm long rope and spun it into different platforms like a bucket, a canvas fabric sheet, or anything equivalent.

The main rule of the game is to be the last man standing. Players would simultaneously spin their Beigoma into the platform chosen, then the beigoma that stopped spinning or been thrown out from the venue would be eliminated.

This concept was implemented and improved into making a Beyblade. Beyblade is now composed of different parts and materials. Instead of spiral seashells and molten wax, Beyblades are now built using metals and polycarbonate plastics.

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What are the essential parts of Beyblade?

The composition of a Beyblade is made out of three parts or layers, the energy layer, forge disc, and performance tip.

Energy Layer

Energy Layer is the topmost part of the Beyblade. It is the layer that collides with the opposing Beyblades, and it is the layer that can knock out the opposing Beyblade depending on its design. The energy layer is made out of polycarbonate plastic, which can withstand an extreme amount of force, making it nearly unbreakable.

Forge Disc

This is the middle part of the Beyblade that serves as a weight. It is not made to contact the opposing Beyblades unless your blade is shaking. It is made of metal with different shapes and sizes. You can customize your forge disc to suit the type of Beyblade you want your blade to be.

Performance tip

This is the bottom layer of the Beyblade that serves as the primary mechanism to spin and move around the Beyblade stadium or what we also call Beystadium. This layer is where the energy layer and forge disc are attached. Performance tip has different types, making your Beyblade customizable depending on the play style that you prefer.

Attack Type Performance Tip

These are the performance tips that focus on attack. It has a spin pattern that lets the Beyblade move around the Beystadium and attack the opposing Beyblade. It comes with hues of blue ranging from turquoise to purple.

Defense Type Performance Tip

These are the type of performance tips that focus on defense. It usually spins at the center of the Beystadium absorbing attacks from other Beyblades that can throw other Beyblades out from the Beystadium. It comes with hues of green.

Stamina Type Performance Tip

These are the type of performance tips that focus on spinning longer than the other Beyblades. It comes with hues of yellow.

Balance Type Performance Tip

These are the type of performance tips that do not focus on performance. It is a kind of hybrid performance tip that can attack, withstand attacks, and at the same time spin with fast rotational speed. It comes in shades of red.

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List of BeyBlades Sellers on AliExpress

We searched AliExpress to find stores where you can buy legit and cheap to expensive Beyblade sets, Beyblade parts, and other accessories.

LaikeBeyblade Store

Performance rating:

  • Item as described: 4.7
  • Communication: 4.6
  • Shipping Speed: 4.7

LaikeyBeyblade Store started in AliExpress on September 19, 2019. The store of LaikeBeyblade is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. They offer different Beyblades, Luxury toolbox sets, and Beystadiums that can be free of shipping. They also sell a single piece of Beyblades and launchers. However, those are not eligible for free shipping.

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Wonder Valtryek

  • Price: $8.66
  • Product Code: B-104
  • Type: Attack
  • Energy Layer: Winning Valkyrie
  • Forge disc: 12
  • Performance tip: Volcanic

Suppose you are looking for a cheap Beyblade set that focuses on the attack for beginners and collectors. You can purchase this Wonder Valtryek. Its energy layer, “Winning Valkyrie,” is one of the God layers in Beyblade and this layer has a metal making it heavier than the other God layers. It also has forge disc 12 that is symmetrical and elliptical. It is a lightweight forge disc that is designed to be aggressive. With its aggressiveness, it can damage the energy layers. Its Volcanic Performance tip has a rotating flat end making it more stable.

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Emperor Forneus
  • Price: $8.66
  • Product Code: B-106
  • Type: Defense
  • Energy Layer: Emperor Forneus
  • Forge disc: 0
  • Performance tip: Yard

Emperor Forneus is one of the cheapest Beyblades that LaikeyBeyblade Store offers. Even though it is the most affordable, the quality of this Beyblade is worth more than the price. For beginners, collectors, and even tournament goers. You can have this defense type Beyblade. Its “Emperor Forneus” energy layer is designed for defense.

The 12 counterclockwise blades create a low recoil. It also has a metal attached, making it sturdier by adding weight and centralizing the weight distribution of the blade. Its forge disc “0” is one of the heaviest discs, and it gives the edge an outward weight distribution contributing to the defense power and stability of the blade.

This disc is one of the suitable forge discs for “Emperor Forneus,” along with discs 2, 4, 5, 7, and 10. The Performance tip of this Beyblade is called “Yard.” This performance tip has a free rotating ball tip that enables the Beyblade to gain friction, stabilizing its spin. It also has a wide ring that allows the Beyblade to bounce back inside the BeyStadium whenever an opponent tries to tackle it down outside the Beystadium.

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Beyblade Luxury Toolbox Set

Price range: $15.12 to $52.50

What’s inside the box?: 8 different Beyblades, one custom launcher, one ripcord launcher, one weighing device, one toolbox, and one foam box packaging.

This set is best for collectors, traders, tournament goers, and a gift for a child.

One of their sold Luxury Toolbox set is worth $51.60. It is composed of

1 Weighting Device, Toolbox, and Foam Box Packaging Launcher grip with Custom BeyLauncher LR and LR Ripcord

Performance rating

Item as described: 4.5

Communication: 4.5

Shipping Speed: 4.5

B-X Toupie Burst Beyblade Store started in AliExpress on June 10, 2018. The store of B-X Toupie Burst Beyblade is located in China.

They offer different types of Beyblades, and they are well-known for selling Beyblades per piece.

One of their best-selling Beyblades costs $0.80. However, those Beyblades are old versions of Beyblade and are only suitable for children and collectors. This type of Beyblades is not intended for Tournaments since it is lightweight. This type of Beyblades uses a Hybrid System composed of 5 different parts Face Bolt, Energy Ring, Fusion Wheel, Spin Track, and Performance Wheel.

Some of these Products are

Storm Pegasis 105RF

Product Code: BB28

Type: Attack

Face Bolt: Pegasus I

Energy Ring: Pegasus I

Fusion Wheel: Storm

Spin Track: 105

Performance Tip: Rubber Fusion

Rock Giraffe R145WB

Product Code: BB78

Type: Defense

Face Bolt: Zurafa

Energy Ring: Zurafa

Fusion Wheel: Rock

Spin Track: R145

Performance Tip: Wide Ball

Selecting Beyblades

For children, any types of Beyblades that suit their age can be bought. It is unnecessary to buy them Beyblades with excellent specifications since they do not know the difference between specifications yet. Just let them pull the launcher and play with their friends.

For collectors and traders, better to look for older versions of Beyblade since it might cost more nowadays. Old versions are not intended now for tournaments, but it is nice to have those cute Beyblades and show it to your little ones in the future.

Competitive players should buy Beyblade systems intended for tournaments and buy items per layer better. Since different layers may impact the way, you can win the game. This way, you can customize and set your preferred type of Beyblade.